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Tech Excellence. – delivering Tech Excellence for your solution. is one of the fastest-growing software & hardware companies in Europe. We deliver excellent technological engineering teams and design, build and scale products to help you solve your business problems.

Our greatest projects.

A digital revolution in dairy industry: MuuMap

Unique transportation management system

We created software and hardware for a digital system that transformed the dairy industry by improving milk supply management and procurement operations. MuuMap serves almost 40% of the Polish and 4% of the European markets, and is used by 27600 farmers.

Streamlining Dairy Industry with MuuMap: A Digital Revolution

token generation

Token Tool by Bitbond

Token Tool by Bitbond lets you create tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain in a simple and fast way without having to code your smart contracts. supported the Bitbond team in end-to-end product engineering, utilizing our web development and blockchain skills.

AI chatbot
for e-commerce

Transforming the e-commerce customer support

We conducted a successful proof of concept (PoC) for an AI chatbot that can be used in various industries, like banking and healthcare, aiming to enhance communication, improve response times, and efficiently handle customer queries.

AI for detecting OA disease among dogs

Smart solutions for animal healthcare

We employed deep learning models and a deep convolutional neural network based on raw data for pattern recognition to create a device that, attached to a dog’s collar, records the dog’s movements while walking or running and detects indicators that could signify potential signs of OA.

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