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Our Clients’ Success Stories

Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing & Warehousing

Cutting Costs in Logistics with Blockchain-based Smart RTIs developed a blockchain solution to tackle the significant costs associated with the loss and theft of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) in logistics. System streamlines the circulation of RTIs among supply chain participants, maintains privacy and reduces the physical turnover of packaging. By implementing this technology, we improved our clients logistics efficiency, offering a scalable, secure, and cost-effective method for managing RTIs.

Warehouse filled with boxes

Robots Orchestration for Semi-autonomous Warehouses

BetterBox is an IoT asset monitoring and management device. Our solution enhances transport management by automating data collection and transmission, leading to improved efficiency, fraud reduction, and operational streamlining without manual intervention.

Steel storage tanks in a factory

Transportation Management System That Transforms The Dairy Industry: MuuMap

We created software and hardware for a digital system that transformed the dairy industry by improving milk supply management and procurement operations. MuuMap serves almost 40% of the Polish and 4% of the European markets, and is used by 27600 farmers.

Milk Truck Configuration System Interface

AI-driven E-commerce & Auctioning Solutions

Unified Auctioning Platform for Better User Experience

After acquiring several ecommerce platforms we helped our client to combine all of their systems into one and enchancing them with new features that would simplify the purchasing process for users.

ecommerce platform on a laptop

Transforming the E-commerce Customer Support

We conducted a successful proof of concept (PoC) for an AI chatbot that can be used in various industries, like banking and healthcare, aiming to enhance communication, improve response times, and efficiently handle customer queries.

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Review Quote
We are thrilled by the fantastic results presented to us by the team. Seeing significant progress within such a short time is quite impressive. The level of governance and support was also the right fit for our project’s scale. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work together.
We’d be more than happy to serve as a reference if the need arises. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Vaysel Kocamer
Review Quote
Most important is that you cover our professional needs, which are pretty extensive and different from traditional projects. We couldn’t get a more ideal partner with extraordinary skills both within AI and application development. Professional and transparent project management is vital. PM and interactions are working exceptionally well. Your ability to work independently and come up with constructive alternative solutions, understandable for a layperson, has reduced the stress and concerns. We appreciate the good chemistry. We see as more than just another developer. We see you as an extension of Sports Computing.
Kjell Heen
CEO of Sports Computing
Review Quote
The cooperation with DAC to this date has been very satisfactory and ensures that the MuuMap system (Transportation Management System) is updated on an ongoing basis; we obtain advisory support from specialists of DAC, maintenance services as well as development and adjustment of the system to our needs that continue to expand.
Dariusz Sapiński
President of the Management Board of Mlekovita
Review Quote
Since we began building my concept and idea, they have been a pleasure to work with. Now, as a ‘newbie’ to this world of software development, trust is the most important thing to me. I have to believe 1. you understand what I am trying to communicate and achieve, and 2. not ‘take me for a ride’ when proposing project costs. These two things were crucial for me in signing with
Kyle Hall
Founder of Senserie
Review Clutch
As a result of’s work, each customer has access to real-time tracking information which improves logistics management. The team was responsive and collaborative throughout the engagement. They also have excellent project management skills.
Head of IT
Transportation Apparatus Provider
Review Clutch
Communication and cross technology and cross vertical experience and depth of the team that delivered the solution was impressive. They are not only service providers but first of all — deliver added value on top of what they were asked for, with fresh ideas and suggestions.
Philipp Reiter
Partner & COO of eye square GmbH
Review Quote
We’re excited to work with DAC to leverage their technical expertise and experience in delivering blockchain solutions to meet the needs of clients. We welcome DAC into the growing Ocean Protocol ecosystem.
Ocean Protocol
Review Quote
The benefits of using the equipment in our tank trucks convince us about the quality of the product, as well as the entire cooperation with the DAC team to date. Thanks to them, it is possible to receive information about purchased milk in real-time, which facilitates both planning the collection and controlling the entire process. We perceive DAC as a strategic partner in the area of optimization of the milk purchase and delivery process. The current cooperation with the company is satisfactory and guarantees us software updates on devices, constant support of specialists and service care.
Szczepan Kostro
Head of the Transport Department at Mlekovita
Review Clutch’s efforts significantly reduced maintenance costs and potential penalties. Their team worked smoothly, mapping out a clear scope and building out a solid platform. Their knowledge of technology and development skill were highly impressive.
Review Clutch
The software developed by was instrumental in the client’s global expansion. They were personable and cooperative; they displayed dedication by understanding the dance industry to have better UX input. Their use of the Scrum framework improved the quality of the final product.
Former Managing Director
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