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Custom Auctioning Platform Development

Build multilayer auctioning services that can combine multiple features and brands.

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Setting up an auctioning platform is more complex than it seems at first glance. A bidding system with an impeccable reaction time without prolonged load time is essential for a seamless user experience and better scaling capabilities. Online auctions are a solid ground for enhancements and automation using AI and other advanced technologies. You can save time on translation and auction creation, as well as optimise the services and features to meet the growing demand. That’s why you need experts to help you build reliable and flexible environments to keep all sides of the auction happy.

Our Auctioning Platform Services

Build or enhance your online auction site with our versatile expertise in online auction and artificial intelligence technologies

Auction portal flow usually combines three stages: pre-auction, bidding process, and post-auction. Each of these elements needs to be carefully tailored to work seamlessly. Our experienced development team will help you create an infrastructure to bind them into a well-rounded platform.

Custom Auction Platform Development Services

Online auction software development should consider all the stages to make an efficient and user-friendly auctioning experience.


Post-Auction Stage

Pre-Auction Stage

It involves everything related to planning auctions, adding items to each auction, and eventually publishing them. It also involves ensuring that sellers can add their accounts and accessibility for all users, which may include translations to various languages. There are several tools that can be used to enhance the pre-auction stage.

You can implement AI enhancements to automatically fill in the auction description and save the manual work. The algorithm generates a complete description with as little as a single image upload. Automatic translation services will ensure your services are accessible to all users in your target markets.

Auction (Bidding) Stage

Auction (Bidding) Stage

The most prominent challenge with auctioning platform development is to ensure stability and quick load times, as the most intense bidding happens within the last minutes of the auction since the highest bidder wins. Longer load times can sabotage some users’ bidding, so optimising the bidding platform is essential. Solutions like a reliable search tool and optimising media processing and storage can ensure a smooth bidding course.

Post-Auction Stage

Post-Auction Stage

The closing process after the auction is as important as the other two in custom auction software development. Users have different preferences for their payment methods, so integrating different options apart from credit cards, like country-specific ways to pay or global services like PayPal, can enhance the service’s experience. Transparent and smooth invoicing and delivery processes will encourage them to return. 

For example, calculating VAT for different countries can be challenging since the amount varies by every item category. Our experts can implement a service that will do it automatically.

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Mobile Auctioning Application Development Services


Developing mobile auctioning applications for iOS and Android requires considering all the above stages, as well as the limitations of mobile devices and their differences. Besides designing a reliable backend for the application, an intuitive user interface that allows quick bidding is needed. Mobile responsive auction management is the key to maintaining user satisfaction and retaining them.

Mobile auctioning platform development is a complex process, depending on the capabilities of an individual device. Mobile operating systems like Android and iOS are constantly updated; therefore, mobile apps need continuous post-launch support and updates to remain reliable.

With our expertise in mobile development and auctioning platform development and integrations, our team of experts will help you achieve the synergy of a well-executed auctioning system and mobile services that will hold it regardless of the scale.

So, if you plan to release a mobile auction platform, our experts can address these concerns and build a reliable app for both leading mobile operating systems, including post-launch care.

Auction Platform Development Team Extension


To ensure you build an infallible platform for online auctions, you need experts in technologies that will cover all the above aspects of technology and output. It might be hard to have experienced experts at hand or find them locally. You may also need experienced online auction platform management experts to scale and build a secure platform that can host more users and sellers. Our professional team is there to help.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our Professionals?

Our experts can make a great addition to your team, whether you are starting in the auction industry or need to adjust or scale your platform. Here’s what we can do for you:


Our experts will understand your business needs and goals and propose enhancements for your auction website.

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We will start with a proof of concept, and after your approval, we’ll discuss your business roadmap. And once we’re all on the same page, we’ll build a complete implementation plan for you.

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We’re good at making generalised processes, allowing you to submit different items and business categories for auction with the same form or process.

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Having years of experience with our clients helped us earn experience in useful technologies and transaction and exchange systems and to work with them.

We will help you understand the process so that you can feel secure and make informed decisions at every step. We have ISO certification (including security), so you can rest assured that we can cover all nuances.

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If you’d like to enhance your platform further, we’ll implement AI enhancements like predictive analysis on sales and prices.

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Enhance your Auctioning Platform with AI solutions

Build the most loved auction experience and beat your competition with our expertise in advanced technologies.

Advanced technology solutions can be a contributing factor to your success. Here are some examples of how it can boost your platform:


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Providing predictions on how fast an object will sell: AI predictions will help your users determine the popularity of an object and make informed decisions on the best timeframe to join the bidding.

Pricing forecast icon

Price prediction and bid recommendations: based on bidding history and market research, AI can help predict the item prices and suggest the optimal bid height.

Pre-Auction Stage

Speeding-up auction creation process: image recognition allows sellers to quickly create entire item descriptions based on a single image upload.

Detection of fakes and forgeries for increased user safety: fakes are plaguing art and antique verticals, and some estimates show that even 50% of the fine art market can be affected. AI can reduce this figure by analysing artworks to verify their authenticity.

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Our Actioning Platforms Solutions

We’ll tailor a platform that will meet your business and technological needs.

Online Auctions Microservices

Integrate multiple systems related to auctions at every stage. It includes integrating multiple auction providers, categories, payment integrations, document handling frameworks and more.

Bidding System Optimisation

Optimise the bidding software to ensure that your bidding platform will work smoothly and allow users seamless bidding from start to finish. We will help you quickly rewrite your code, remove the legacy systems and adjust technologies to your industry and business goals that will scale up to your growth and success.

Getting Rid of the Legacy Code

Legacy systems can weigh heavily on the platform, and as the platform evolves and scales, it needs a new system. Cutting off an expendable legacy system can be challenging, but our experts know how to do it right without hindering the workings of a platform. They will replace outdated libraries with contemporary, secure ones, perform code refactoring, and implement new frameworks in place of the outdated ones. Once it’s done, they will perform tests to ensure a smooth deployment process without avoidable errors.

Automatic Translations for a Multicountry Online Auction Site

Large auction platforms have a versatile user base that can stem from different countries. Making the auction process accessible for everyone is often overlooked. Tools like Microsoft translation services can help you expand the business to users across different countries through reliable auto-translation services. Our experts will help you implement it into your software.

Auction Object Inventory Management

It is an essential aspect of auctioning platform development. Such platforms need to handle millions of items and auctions daily. As such, displaying items and allowing users to search easily is critical. Since such systems often stop working correctly with the rapid increase of items and listings, we will help you ensure that your inventory management is reliable through functions like:

Reliable Search Features

Creating a reliable search tool for an auctioning platform that can grow exponentially often comes as a challenge. Your auction software will enable users to quickly search inventory for the items they truly need. Our team has proven to be able to build a full-text search tool that works on a large scale.

Media Storage and Management Optimisation

Managing media for auctions and other processes is relatively easy, but as the scale grows, it needs optimisation to maintain proper service and responsiveness. Our experts have experience in this field and will help you improve media management and reduce related costs. Optimisations include media processing, generating thumbnails and adjusting the size of the images to the device to help save data usage.

Document Processing and VAT Calculation

Automate the addition of documents and invoicing in the post-auction process. Additionally, we’ll integrate it with the respective chamber of commerce by drawing the information out directly, which can be helpful for different companies that are part of one large auction platform. Since VAT differs for every item category, we can build a system to calculate and apply it automatically.

Technologies for Auctioning Platform Development

Here are the technologies our experts use to tailor custom auction websites and platform solutions:

Our Advanced Integration Solutions for Software

Check out how we build solutions for related industries and how they help our clients reach their goals.

Improving Auction Platform Integration with Kotlin

  • Integrating various systems into one consistent auctioning platform
  • Enhancing the client’s team with expert software developers to boost integration processes
  • Building microservice architecture with Kotlin as a primary backend language
  • Achieving integration that enabled a simple and hassle-free experience when browsing and making bids and purchases
Visualisation of Auctioning Platform Integration with Kotlin

Integrating Social Interaction Components for an Online Travelling Platform

  • Utilising FullStack developer’s expertise to implement a new social feature
  • We developed a small microservice, a proxy, and a cache for the client’s legacy API
  • We effectively collaborated with the internal team on the feature deployment
  • It helped increase online bookings through the app significantly
Visualisation of interaction of software components

Building an AI-Based Chatbot to Transform Customer Support in the E-commerce Sector

  • Utilising NLP, backend, DevOps and UX/UI expertise to create a Proof of Concept for an AI chatbot that can be used in various industries
  • Implementing a carefully curated dataset to ensure peak performance in handling both simple and complex questions
  • Proving that the chatbot can understand customers’ queries and give relevant answers based on the fine-tuned model
  • Outlining features to be implemented in the future, such as support for multilingual operations, further enhancement of contextual understanding and integration with external systems
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Auction Platform Software Features

Implement a wide range of features to your software. Name what you need, and we’ll find a way to do it.


Different user roles and panels: creating separate roles and permissions for admin, buyers and sellers will help ensure the correct functioning of the platform or application

Authorisation and security: providing correct permissions and ensuring that user data is protected from unauthorised access

User profiles, home and product pages: designing and integrating all pages to ensure smooth work for all users

Filters and search functions: allowing users to be able to find the correct product from millions of available on the platform, regardless of the scale

User review and rating system: ensuring users can put a verified review for their purchase and rating for the product to help improve the quality of sold goods, as well as fairness and accuracy

Secure transactions with cart and payment gateways: ensuring the transaction processing after winning an auction is airtight and secure on every step

Auction notifications and analytics: increasing the user experience and operational efficiency that helps users stay engaged and informed

New payment provider integrations: adding new payment methods such as PayPal allows the customers to have a more extensive choice, and it may encourage new users to use the service

Automated translations: they don’t require too many resources and make a great way to ensure accessibility for users in different countries

Types of auctions

Handle and integrate a wide range of auction types on your platform.


English auctions: otherwise known as open ascending auctions, in which bidding starts and increases in fixed increments until no higher bids are made

Dutch auctions: otherwise known as open descending price auctions, are the opposite of an English auction, where the price starts high and decreases incrementally with the progression of bids

Penny auctions: they are set to increase exactly by a penny after each bid

Ticker auctions: those auctions are designed to reset the timer after each new bid

Free auctions: this type of auction is designed to not charge for bidding, only the cost of an actual bid

Peak auctions: set to run only at certain times of the day or night

Buy-it-now auctions: in these auctions, the bidder can bypass the bidding and buy the product immediately for a set price (higher than the starting bid)

Beginner auctions: only available for new bidders on the platform

Seat auctions: bidders need to pay extra for the access to these auctions

Reserve auctions: allow the auction site owner or seller to set a minimum price for the starting bid

Buyer-determined auctions: also known as reverse auctions, the sellers make a bid for buyers’ request, and the price decreases with each bid

Pick-up-and-delivery auctions: in these auctions, transportation services are auctioned to carriers or logistics providers, who bid to fulfil specific tasks involving the collection and delivery

Vickery auctions: in these auctions, the highest bidder wins, but the bidder needs to pay the price offered by the second-highest bidder

Double auctions: the bidders and sellers declare their desired price to the auctioneer, and the deal is made once there is a match in the price on both ends

Sealed bid auctions: the bidders don’t know one another’s bids in these auctions, and the winner pays the first highest price in the auction. In rare cases, the lowest one can win as well

Industries for auctioning platforms

See the most important industries we specialise in


Art has always been a popular sector for auctioning. However, the industry is prone to forgery due to its potential value. To deal with the challenges of authenticity of artworks and expensive masterpieces, we can employ the power of artificial intelligence that can help us determine it.

Government auctions

Given the diversity of goods and the imperative of transparency and fairness in public dealings, these auctions are meticulously regulated to prevent fraud and ensure equitable access. Using digital auctioning platforms can extend the reach and efficiency of government auctions, allowing for broader participation and more competitive bidding. Advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive information and maintain the integrity of the auction process are, therefore, critical.


Due to the complexity of the industrial auctions and the size and high prices of some of the offered products, it is essential to ensure that all the details related to the bidding process and post-auction closing and delivery procedures are secure and reliable.

Build your custom auctioning platform with our experts

With years of experience in auctioning platform development and integrating multiple systems into unified platforms, our experts can implement various features to help your online auctions stand out. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.

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