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What Is Research & Development?

Research and Development (R&D) refers to the systematic investigative process conducted by organizations, companies, or institutions to innovate, create new knowledge, improve existing products or processes, and develop new ones. The primary aim of R&D is to enhance and refine products, services, or technologies, or to discover entirely novel solutions to problems.

Our R&D Story.

Research, development, and innovation are the chromosomes that form our DNA at R&D has defined us as a company and community right from our origins. Over the years, as an R&D partner, DAC.Digital has participated in several large-scale projects worth almost half a billion Euros and rolled out our own R&D products into the market.

Our team of engineers and innovators has already set a course toward further diversifying our R&D efforts to include more emerging technologies. Robotics, Digital Twins, Yocto, SpaceTech, AI & ML at the Edge, AIOps & MLOps, and Computer Vision, are set to join the ranks with the existing technical expertise we possess.

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Core competences

Embedded Systems At, we leverage our expertise and curiosity to build innovative solutions across diverse technology domains, opening new possibilities for advancement.

Machine Learning for CVDAC.Digital excels in ML solutions, leveraging technical expertise, diverse tech stacks, and transparent communication. Our commitment to principles and long-term collaboration drives mutual growth, complemented by free discovery workshops for tailored solutions and clear roadmaps.

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Computer VisionWe lead in this dynamic field, developing innovative solutions. Ready to support your ideas, computer vision enables machines to interpret images, akin to the human brain, for tasks like object identification and motion tracking.

Satellite Capabilities

Data Science
ML for NLP
Signal Processing
Mechanical Design/Prototyping
Robotics & Drones
Satellite Data Processing
Hardware Design
Audio Processing

We Are Involved In:


AFarCloud has a budget of EUR 16.6 million and 59 participants from 14 countries. AFarCloud will provide a distributed platform for autonomous farming that will allow the integration and cooperation of agriculture Cyber Physical Systems in real-time in order to increase efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality, and reduce farm labour costs. The project has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU). Grant agreement No 783221.

Arrowhead Tools

Arrowhead Tools has a budget of EUR 91 million and 81 European participants from, among others, the automotive, mining, electronics and software industries. Among the companies are Volvo Truck Company, Bosch, Philips, Mondragon and Infineon. Arrowhead Tools is funded by the participating companies and ECSEL-JU, a public-private partnership for electronic components and systems within EU Horizon 2020. Grant agreement No 826452.

Productive 4.0

109 partners from 19 countries work together to examine methods, concepts and technologies for service-oriented architecture and electronic components for the Industrial Internet of Things. EUR 106 million is the total project budget. Almost half of it is funded, partly by the EU, partly by ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the national authorities of involved countries. The project will run until the end of April 2020. Grant agreement No 737459.



Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub) Systems is usually covered by self-contained and isolated embedded systems. The objective of the ACCUS project is to develop and demonstrate an integration platform or a middleware to enable interoperability of such systems as well as sharing of services between them. The ACCUS Integration and Coordination Platform (ICP) supports connectivity, data exchange, integration, and orchestration of services and resources provided by a variety of systems deployed in the smart city context.


Multi-Algorithm Routing Problem Solver developed to address various instances of a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), including truck and trailer routing or multi-depot settings. The implemented algorithms supports problem-solving heuristics for multiple objectives (e.g. distance travelled, duration, fuel consumption), a wide range of constraints (from traffic-excluded roads to weight restrictions at pick-up locations), and the complexity of rolling-stock variables (heterogeneity of the fleet, drivers’ availability, vehicle weight). The results have been commercialized in own and joint-venture products in Europe.


30 partners from 9 countries work together to provide a generic, distributed solution architecture for the conversion of safety-critical cyber-physical systems (CPS) from localized standalone systems into safe and secure distributed solutions utilizing edge and cloud computing.  TRANSCACT had a budget of  €30,092,600. 



The Agrarsense Project aims to enhance agricultural and forestry productivity while addressing critical challenges such as food security, sustainability, and climate change mitigation in Europe. It focuses on developing cutting-edge electronic components and systems, as well as technological innovations, to improve transparency and productivity in these sectors


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R&D partners. stands head and heels above the pack due to the prime R&D focus that we oriented ourselves to since the early days and stuck to it even when the going got tuff. Capable of creating novel and cutting-edge solutions, we have made it easier for clients and the community at large to embrace emerging technologies to gain an edge in business and bring about societal good.

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