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Artificial Intelligence Drone Solutions 

Enchance your drones using AI and Computer Vision technology.

Streamline your inventory tracking, enhance safety checks, and get real-time insights that make a difference. See how our drones can specifically elevate your business and production, making operations smoother and smarter every day.

AI drone solutions in farming

Elevate Operations Efficiency With
AI-enhanced Drone Services

We offer services in expanding unmanned aerial vehicles with broad spectrum of AI-based capabilities. 

See how AI drone applications can help your business, personel and clients to cut costs and optimise efficiency.

Man operating a drone in a warehouse. AI drone solutions for warehousing industry

Improved manufacturing and warehouse management with advanced drones

Combining artificial intelligence and autonomous flight to improve industrial operations
Visual inspections of industrial systems with drones

Enhance your industrial inspection processes with drones equipped with advanced computer vision systems. These AI-enhanced drones excel in conducting thorough visual inspections within industrial environments, capable of effortlessly accessing areas that are challenging for humans to reach. They specialise in detecting temperature discrepancies and other potential issues, ensuring your systems operate efficiently.

Streamlining manufacturing logistics with drone automation

Transform your manufacturing logistics and supply chain management using drones with the latest sensor technology. These deep tech-fueled drones automate material handling, significantly streamlining logistics operations and slashing operational expenses.

Optimising asset tracking and management in industrial sites

Enhance your asset tracking and management capabilities in expansive industrial settings with RFID-equipped drones. These drones offer an innovative solution to track RFID-tagged assets, optimising their utilisation and simplifying maintenance scheduling.

Preventive maintenance through sound-based drone inspections

Implement cutting-edge preventive maintenance strategies with sound-sensing drones. These drones are outfitted with sound sensors focusing on object detection, distinguishing between the normal operational sounds of machinery and any irregular noises indicating potential failures. This AI-driven approach to mechanical inspections aids in the early detection of issues, preventing costly downtime and enhancing maintenance operations.

Man operating a drone in the field. AI drone solutions for agriculture

AI-enhanced aerial inspections for large-scale farms

AI and drone technology for remote control of sustainable farming and environmental monitoring
AI-enhanced aerial inspections for large-scale farms

Facing the aftermath of natural disasters, large-scale farms require efficient inspection methods to ensure perimeter security and livestock safety. Our intelligent agricultural drones, equipped with advanced vision systems, offer a groundbreaking approach to identifying fence breaches, safeguarding your livestock from potential escape, and utilising drone AI technology for seamless farm management tasks.

Enhancing precision agriculture with AI drones

Utilise the power of multispectral sensor-equipped AI drones to transform your agricultural practices. Our AI drone applications delve deep into vine health assessment, crop yield prediction, and disease detection, offering unparalleled optimisation for your agriculture operations. Embrace precision agriculture drones to harness the full potential of your farmland.

Advanced 3D mapping and smart surveying with autonomous drones

Elevate your construction project planning and management with our LiDAR-equipped autonomous flying robots. These innovative UAV technologies allow most drones to generate detailed 3D maps, providing insights for enhanced project accuracy and efficiency. Our smart surveying drones are the key to streamlining your construction processes.

Streamlining solar panel maintenance with AI-enabled inspection drones

Ensure optimal energy efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your solar installations with our thermal imaging sensor drones. Our AI-based inspection drones specialise in identifying maintenance needs, including hotspot detection, allowing for targeted upkeep and enhanced operational efficiency. Rely on our autonomous delivery drones for meticulous maintenance and safety checks.

AI drone solutions in traffic control

Safer and smarter cities thanks to artificial intelligence powered drones

Empower urban mobility and infrastructure with innovative drone technology combined with advanced tech solutions
AI-enhanced urban cleanliness and maintenance with smart UAVs

Thanks to AI drones, urban environments are witnessing a transformative approach to cleanliness and order. Leveraging machine learning, advanced computer vision, and sensor technology, these intelligent drone solutions are at the forefront of detecting litter and ensuring the pristine condition of city landscapes. Smart UAV technology is redefining city maintenance, making urban areas cleaner and more livable.

Rapid emergency response with thermal-imaging AI drones

In the face of industrial accidents and facility failures, AI-powered UAVs and aircraft equipped with thermal imaging capabilities are revolutionising emergency response strategies. These autonomous flying robots assess damage quickly, enabling swift action to minimise operational downtime and enhance safety measures in critical situations.

Advanced surveillance and safety monitoring with AI-enabled drones

Artificial Intelligence drones are setting new standards of innovation in monitoring worker safety and ensuring compliance with regulatory no-go zones, significantly reducing insurance risks. Night-time surveillance in industrial complexes is elevated with AI-based anomaly detection, offering unparalleled security and safety. These AI-enabled surveillance drones are essential to maintaining a secure and safe working environment.

Smart environmental monitoring with advanced inspection drones

Our precision agriculture and AI-based inspection drones extend their application to environmental monitoring in industrial areas. Equipped with thermal imaging and gas sensors, these drones are vital in detecting gas leaks, ensuring adherence to environmental standards, and bolstering safety measures. This autonomous delivery drone technology is pivotal in safeguarding the environment and industrial assets.

Our Clients’ Success Stories

See our deep tech expertise with consumer drones in action. Learn more about our projects:

Agriculture data platform for African countries’s team works on development of a robust data aggregation and analytics platform capable of collecting, unifying, and processing satellite data, weather data, and other types of data down to a square meter. 

The platform provides access to valuable environmental data analytics, including drought, flood, soil and crop health. This data can be processed to forecast crop yields for millions of smallholder farmers in mere seconds and measure the impact of natural disasters across the region. Our works inclided:

  • Backend and frontend part of the application
  • Platform architecture design
  • Data streaming from satellite sources
  • GIS and related data analytics 
  • Blockchain adaptation for data security
  • AI and ML algorithms for GIS satellite data comparisons  
  • Satellite photo-comparison and data extraction AI and ML algorithms
Data analytics platform for agriculture

Robots orchestration for semi-autonomous warehouses

  • We were building a task scheduler for robots and human beings to increase the level of automation, optimise the routes and the coordination based on availabilities across warehouses
  • Our expertise helped to set up the data structure and post-processing mechanisms
  • By implementing a simulator, several test cases were tested before going live
  • Together with the client’s R&D team, we developed a robot orchestrator and an optimization of the processes within the warehouses
Worker on top of a steel tanker

Forest mapping with computer vision-extended autonomous drones

  • Autonomous operation of forestry vehicles can be planned at a larger scale only if certain information, like tree health, what kinds of trees are in specific areas, and which diseases and parasites have affected what trees, are available
  • Our development focused on a drone-based solution, where in-forest flight is performed before harvesting, to determine the 3D surface of the forest and localise trees with their characterization (diameter, species, bend)
  • The camera-equipped drone finds obstacles, determines where the trees are and characterises them
  • It collects data from RGB cameras and LiDAR, then fused with available national data to provide the enriched map for operations planning
Communication tower in a vast forest

Smart city IoT platform architecture connecting 20,000 devices

  • Our client needed a solid architecture to operate an IoT smart city platform with a massive number of devices
  • Additionally, they needed a dedicated management system for service requests to limit time and costs while handling requests
  • We designed and implemented a wide-scale resilient solution providing monitoring and management capabilities on a mass scale in a distributed manner
  • We developed an auto-classification of service requests by connecting devices such as traffic light controllers
  • We also provided a mobile application for the service teams to operate efficiently on the field
Red light in a busy city street against the backdrop of a line of cars

Why Should You Consider Using
AI-enhanced Drones For Your Operations?

The advantages of integrating AI with drones

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Precise inventory and asset management

AI-enhanced drones excel in inventory tracking and asset management in logistics and manufacturing. They provide real-time updates on stock levels, track asset movement, and facilitate warehouse management, leading to reduced manual errors and optimised stock utilisation.

Data security icon

Enhance safety with smart surveillance

Utilise drones for continuous surveillance in manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities. They monitor compliance with safety protocols, identify potential hazards, and provide immediate data for risk assessment and control systems, contributing to a safer workplace and proactive hazard prevention.

Data collection icon

Accurate data collection and analysis

AI-driven drones collect precise, high-quality data, enabling deeper insights. From inventory management in logistics to patient care in healthcare settings, leveraging drone flights for detailed analytics for informed decision-making.

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