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Custom Software Development

Custom software development process tailored for your needs
Custom Software Development
software development

Software Development

  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • DevOps and Cloud support
  • Dedicated Software Teams
  • Application Redevelopment
DeVOps way

We work
the DevOps way

  • Several prod deployments per day
  • Changes lead time counted in minutes, not days
  • The lowest possible change fail rate
save time

Saving time
and money

  • 15 minutes from task completion to production
  • 99% of bugs caught during the development phase
  • Improved time-to-market
smart architectures


  • Zero-downtime deployments
  • Only high availability disaster resilience
  • No single points of failure

Custom Software Development

Our out-of-the-box solutions provide the necessary competitive advantage and meet particular business requirements.

Dynamic development of the IT sector and the introduction of newer and newer software solutions to the market software products have to meet enterprises’ needs. In many cases it is worth turning to custom-made solutions.

Custom software development is a complex process of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software. It is intended for users’ specific needs according to narrowly defined requirements to help companies grow their businesses. Custom software can be used to improve key business processes, automate processes, and support digital transformation. Based on a detailed analysis of business needs, proper implementation can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost business growth.

Our Team

Our team has been supporting companies with custom software development services since 2009. We can help you transform your business with technology that matches your specific needs, timeframe, and budget. In, we work with the newest technology stacks. As a result, our customers do not have to worry about technology debt. Our development team is always up-to-date with the latest software development advancements and the newest versions of programming languages.

Our software development experience roots in R&D projects. Our team continuously learns to deal with emerging technologies in delivering complex solutions. Our team has the necessary skills and expertise to develop industrial, cyber-physical systems, complex IoT networks, and integration between any available software solutions.

our team

R&D Projects

Our team is built of exceptional specialists. That is why we can implement even the most demanding projects. Moreover, the potential of our solutions may be demonstrated by participation in international research consortia.

We take part in international R&D projects. For example, we create the capability to efficiently design and integrate hardware and software of the Internet of Things devices, provide a distributed platform for autonomous farming, or work on digitalization and automation solutions for the European industry.


Identifying needs, planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment could take a few months. Depending on the requirements, projects could take time from one to nine months, on average, about 4,5 months. It does not include software maintenance and support, which can be offered for a long time. Research shows that the price range for software projects is between $3000 to $120000. Pricing is conditional on technology, scope, duration, experience, and more. The average cost of developing custom software is about $36000.
Java Script
is the most used programming language, used by roughly 70 percent of software developers.
is the fastest developing programming language. HTML / CSS and SQL hold the next places.
is the most popular web frameworks. Other popular frameworks include Vue.js and Ruby on Rails.

We Work The DevOps Way

DevOps (an acronym for Development and Operations) is the work culture of software engineers and, at the same time, a set of practices aimed at integrating the development process and the process of implementation, maintenance, and service of the product into one process focusing on the continuous delivery of value in the product directly to the customer.

According to a study conducted by IDC and AppDynamics, companies can lose $8,580 to $686,250 per hour due to infrastructure dysfunction. On average, companies facing downtimes lose $163,674 per year. DevOps can help you cut the release cost for one application up to 97% by automating some parts of the process. The time for releasing one application can be reduced by 89%. The DevOps leads to 30 times more deployments made for 60 times fewer incidents and 440 times less time to deliver.

According to the State of DevOps Report 2019, companies experienced 106 times faster lead time from committing to deploy stage, 2604 times more rapid recovery from failures and unexpected incidents, and seven times lower failure change failure rate. Half of the companies claim that they reduced spend, time-to-market, and the rise of revenue with DevOps implementation.


Read more about DevOps.

Technology Stack


We have a team of passionate developers ready to provide cutting edge software solutions tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of our next mutual project for your organisation. We will set up a dedicated high-performance team of technology-experts to guarantee a successful project delivery and end-to-end coverage of your requirements.

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