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Deep Tech.

Transform your business into the next big thing with cutting-edge technologies

Capable of creating novel and cutting-edge solutions, has made it easier for clients and the community at large to embrace emerging technologies to gain an edge in business and bring about societal good. - Deep Tech

Our Background.

Research, development, and innovation are the chromosomes that form our DNA at R&D has defined us as a company and community right from our origins. Over the years, as an R&D partner, DAC.Digital has participated in several large-scale projects worth almost half a billion Euros and rolled out our own R&D products into the market.

Our team of engineers and innovators has already set a course toward further diversifying our R&D efforts to include more emerging technologies. Robotics, Digital Twins, Yocto, SpaceTech, AI & ML at the Edge, AIOps & MLOps, and Computer Vision, are set to join the ranks with the existing technical expertise we possess.

The future is exciting and full of opportunities. Join hands with us to explore the dawn of new technology horizons that lay ahead for business and society.


Our expertise.

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI and Business Intelligence
  • General AI Methods
  • AI and Computer Vision
  • AI technology consulting

Machine Learning

  • ML methods
  • Neural Networks
  • ML functions
  • Applications of ML

Computer Vision

  • Object detection and recognition
  • Motion Analysis
  • Augumented Reality
  • Medical Imaging and Robotics

Custom Hardware Development and Integration

  • Hardware Integration
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Smart approach
  • Efficient Systems


Just a few examples of sectors we are working with
Space & defense

Space & Defense

Logistics, mobility & automotive

Logistics, Mobility & Automotive



Medtech, Healthtech & Sport

Medtech, Healthtech & Sport

Case Studies.

We have developed over a dozen proprietary solutions and technologies that have given our partners and us a competitive advantage. 


We are active members of international communities that bring industry leaders together from all over the world. In addition, we support and get support in utilizing emerging technologies and industry digitization.

We worked on solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, autonomous farming, IoT/SoS automation and digitalization, and more.