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We deliver custom software solutions for healthcare and medtech – our software team is experienced in providing complex solutions used in hospitals, care centres or by individuals seeking technical assistance with their disabilities.

We develop medical device software compliant with MDR or IEC 62304.

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How Do We Work?


We’d run discovery workshops to understand your idea, product and business goals. We’d cut the process and involve product designers, tech leads, architects, and domain experts.


You’d receive a fixed or T&M estimation – depending on your preference and the type of work to be delivered. No matter how we provide, you’d receive a quality product!


A dedicated team will deliver the solution and scope as agreed upon and signed before the start. You must fill in information and communication from a dedicated PM or Delivery Manager.


Once the product or feature is ready, we’d deliver it to the market with you, monitor and implement changes and upgrades as needed. Expect a partnership with us, not one-off project!

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What is Medtech?

MedTech, an abbreviation for Medical Technology, is a rapidly growing industry that combines medical interventions with technology.

It includes the use of devices, equipment, and digital solutions in healthcare systems to diagnose, treat, and manage patients. The sector comprises various medical devices such as band-aids, catheters, wheelchairs, MRI scanners, CT scanners, PET, and laser machines. In addition, healthcare digital solutions aid clinicians in providing better and more efficient patient care.

Improvement Of Patients’ Lives Matters

One of the most significant contributions of MedTech is the improvement of the overall quality of patient care in a medical setting. With the help of MedTech devices, healthcare providers can produce accurate results, leading to better and more effective patient treatment plans. As a result, patients can improve at a much faster pace. The procedures are less complicated, and it saves time for both clinicians and patients. Furthermore, MedTech creates better, more advanced, and less invasive treatment options, which favor reducing the duration of hospital stay and requirements for rehabilitation.

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Healthcare and MedTech case studies.

MedTech and telehealth solutions.

MedTech has also introduced the concept of telehealth services, allowing patients and healthcare providers to discuss their disease over a video call instead of travelling to a location hundreds of miles away. This service nullifies the travelling expenses for patients and helps healthcare providers access all kinds of health information with just a click. Clinicians can easily look for drug information, the medical history of the patient/EHR and even research papers.

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Monitoring Patients’ Health.    


The MedTech industry has also brought about a significant advancement in digital healthcare solutions. These digital solutions have provided healthcare providers with efficient tools for monitoring patient’s health and providing better care. The digital solutions include electronic health records, telemedicine, patient portals, and wearable health devices. Electronic health records (EHR) allow healthcare providers to access patient records from anywhere at any time, improving patient care coordination.


Conversely, telemedicine enables patients to receive medical care without visiting the hospital, making it easier and more convenient for the elderly and those with disabilities. Patient portals allow patients to access their health records, communicate with their healthcare providers, and easily manage appointments. Wearable health devices are also part of digital solutions, as they provide vital data that can help healthcare providers monitor patients’ health and prevent health complications.

Digital Solutions For Healthcare.  

Developing high-end products that save lives or support the elderly and people with disabilities is crucial for the MedTech industry. These products significantly impact the healthcare sector by improving patients’ overall quality of life. High-end products like artificial organs, pacemakers, and stents have helped save many lives worldwide. On the other hand, products like wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive technologies help the elderly and those with disabilities to live independently, improving their overall quality of life.

Hire a dedicated team of MedTech software developers or work with us on a healthcare project-based approach with a fixed price, fixed scope and fixed time agreement and free up your resources to focus on your core business!

We will help you deliver high-quality software development services.

Your healthcare-dedicated development team of product-oriented engineers will support agile or fixed software projects. You can hire a single MedTech engineer or a healthcare team of software developers working in a SCRUM or scale your project with multiple dedicated teams focused on full-scale product delivery and sharing your risks.

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