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Our mission & vision.

Empowering change, inspiring vision:
Unleashing a brighter future together.

Our mission.

To thrive by bringing tech value to our customers based on excellence in technology and science. team together at the office
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Our community operates within an organizational culture that values equality, communication, trust, openness, and kindness as the foundation of all relationships. quote icon

Przemek Szleter
Przemek Szleter Chief Executive Officer

Our vision.

We aim to be a globally recognized and preferred partner for technological and scientific excellence and become the first-choice tech solutions provider for industry leaders.

Our values.

Our values guide us to a culture of honesty and integrity, maintain strong relationships built on trust, demonstrate competency in all areas and operate with efficiency.

Meet our team.

Przemysław Szleter
Przemysław Szleter Chief Executive Officer
Damian Derebecki
Damian Derebecki Chief Operating Officer
Agata Gwardyś
Agata Gwardyś Chief People&Culture
Justyna Pelc
Justyna Pelc Head of Communications
Joanna Pomierska
Joanna Pomierska Head of Controlling and Administration
Krzysztof Gola
Krzysztof Gola General Manager Software
Krzysztof Radecki
Krzysztof Radecki Chief Technology Officer
Radosław Szmit
Radosław Szmit Head of Growth
Adrian Nicoś
Adrian Nicoś Solutions Architect
Piotr Michowski
Piotr Michowski Head of Delivery
Marcin Połulich
Marcin Połulich General Manager Deep Tech
Daniel Bak
Daniel Bak Head of Business Development Deep Tech
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD Head of Innovation
Marek Tatara, PhD
Marek Tatara, PhD Head of Science
Stanisław Raczyński
Stanisław Raczyński Chief Innovation Officer