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Machine Learning.  

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Machine Learning.

ML methods

Classical Machine Learning

  • Unsupervised Learning
    • Clustering
    • Association
  • Supervised Learning
    • Classification
    • Regression
Neural networks

Neural Networks

  • Computer Vision
    • Image classification, detection etc.
    • Object Tracking
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Reinforcement Learning
ML functions

Deep Learning Frameworks:

  • Pytorch
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Apache MXNet
ML applications

Edge device deployment frameworks:

  • TensorRT
  • ONNX
  • Tensorflow lite


Human learning is commonly understood as the long-term change in mental representations and behavior due to experience. Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and computer science that uses algorithms and data to imitate human learning, gradually becoming better and better.


Quick history recap

Although the term ML may sound like something recent, it was first coined back in 1959. At first ML was used strictly in academia but its spectacular rise can be attributed to the emergence of ever-evolving computational power and business use cases i.e. email SPAM detectors in the 1990s.

Machine Learning in Business

The popularity of ML applications in business rose steeply in the second decade of the 21st century and proved to be effective during the COVID-19 pandemic for various sectors. Real-time chatbot agents, recommendation engines, Customer churn modeling, Fraud detection are just some real world applications.



The key benefits to using ML is simply unlocking the potential of the data you already have in your company. We are able to come in, structure, process, analyze, and propose solutions that are data-driven at heart. This provides many benefits including time saving, enhanced customer/user experience, reduces data errors and frees up staff for other priorities or tasks.
  • Image Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Traffic prediction
  • Product recommendations
  • Self-driving cars
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Stock Market trading


How we can help
  • R&D Solutions As A Service (RDAAS)
  • In-house experts that specialize in a plethora of areas of ML
  • Proof of Concepts and Discovery Workshops

Our Team of experts.

Developing ML solutions requires a high level of technical expertise. At DAC.Digital, we strive to always stay on top the game through constant research and development (R&D). Our company is born out of several R&D projects and has developed into a leading service provider of cutting-edge business solutions.


What separates us from others? Our principles and commitment to them, experience with a range of technology stacks, the unique deployment process, transparent communication practices, high business acumen, and our illustrious clientele.

We believe in long-term collaboration, which yields growth for both sides as well as offer free workshops of discovery conducted by our in-house experts. Moreover, aid in identifying appropriate and not over-engineered solutions and bring clarity to cluttered roadmaps.

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Buzz words such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have recently gained momentum in the business world. For businesses looking to deploy such emerging technologies to gain an advantage, it is imperative not to treat them as a supplement but as an integral part of the business processes. This is the same as a good doctor would suggest taking a balanced and nutritious diet instead of supplements. Our team’s main principle is to develop holistic solutions and NOT cut corners, making a vital difference for our clients to achieve their goals. quote icon

Krzysztof Radecki
Krzysztof Radecki CTO

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Interesting figures and statistics.

In 2022 the estimated global market size of Machine Learning stands at USD 21.17 billion, which is expected to increase almost TEN times by 2029 and reach USD 209.91 billion.


Compound annual growth in market size till 2029


Increase in GDP
Globally is the expected contribution of AI/ML advancements by 2030


Leading businesses
using AI believe their work becomes easier

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