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Tech Excellence Podcast.  

Turning Ambitious Ideas into the Next Big Thing

Episode 1 – How to Grow Without Burning Out

Episode 2 – The Human Approach to Solving Business Problems

Episode 3 –Balancing Profit and Ethics in Tech

Episode 4 – Effective Planning for Startups and Tech Leaders

Episode 5 – Navigating AI Startups and VC Partnerships

Episode 6 – Business-science collaborations in the Baltics and beyond 

Episode 7 – Mastering Pricing with Maja Voje as a Part of Your Go to Market Strategy

What Does Tech Excellence Mean to You?

Join us at a new live podcast series and tell the world about your business or tech project, your journey from zero to hero and your definition of tech excellence. Share your story to inspire and educate others, gain extra exposure among the innovation community, and expand your network of connections. 

Applications for the first season are open and we will be broadcasting discussions that cover the following themes:

Scaling Success


Hear from the minds behind the startups that made their ideas go viral and learn how they did it. You should talk about how they’ve grown, how they’ve built their teams, and how technology has played a major role in their success.


Get on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology today. Hear from the minds influencing the future as you study the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and space technology.

Tech Playbook

Examine the thought processes of the IT leaders who created their own successful companies from the beginning. Look into how they led, how flexible they were, and how they used adversity as motivation.

Digital Disruptors

Meet the disruptors who revolutionized traditional markets using digital innovation. Discover the stories behind their bold decisions, the obstacles they overcame, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Code to Greatness

Understand the ins and outs of creating software by listening to interviews with industry leaders. Find out how they approach coding, the challenges they’ve faced, and the resources they can’t live without.

Innovator Chronicles

Learn about the lives of the pioneering businesspeople whose ground-breaking technological innovations have changed entire sectors. Learn about the obstacles they faced, the methods they used, and the turning points that ultimately led to their success.

Does your story fit into any of them?

Apply to become a guest! All the recordings take place online at the time convenient for you and are streamed directly to Linkedin, Youtube and published across the most popular podcast platforms. Fill out the form below and we will reach back to you to discuss the details!
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