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Efficient Project Management and Product Delivery.

Project management and product delivery team

What Is Essential For Efficient Project Management?

Big or small, a project needs proper organisation to be fulfilled on time and within budget. The project team members and the client must be on the same page to ensure business agility doesn’t suffer. Find out why having a good project management body is crucial for a project to succeed.

Discovery process.

The Discovery meetings are an invaluable opportunity for you to tell us about your idea, the project’s goals and what you need to create your next big thing. Once we learn more about your project, we can create an action plan and timeline aligned with your vision.

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Customer centricity.

No project management would happen without a customer. A good delivery manager or team knows that customer needs should always come first. From the initial contact to the successful completion of the project, customer satisfaction at every stage should take priority, and we understand it well.

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The key to making the customer feel like they are well taken care of is ensuring we treat them the way they want. One of the most important things is to stay transparent at every stage. A skilled project or delivery manager can help us keep constant and well-organised communication. Staying open and honest with communicating the issues as soon as they arise is essential throughout the development process. Agile project management and product delivery aids in addressing problems and implementing changes as soon as required for continuous improvement.

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Regular communication.

Regular meetings to discuss progress and keep the customer up to speed are also essential to project management. It allows make the customer be comfortable in terms of the project flow and addressing their needs. It also helps to build mutual trust and a foundation for a long-time relationship.

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Very often, a client who completes one project with us returns with others. It is highly motivating for us, but at the same time, it shows how important it is to build relationships from the very beginning of even the smallest project. quote icon

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Get a Free Discovery Workshop.

Our discovery team is ready to analyze your concept and provide specific solutions.

Clients get to consult with business and technical professionals at the beginning of the communication process to ensure its quality. Thanks to that, the problem is approached comprehensively, and as the client – you can feel fully taken care of. 

How Does a Strong Kick-off Impact Project Success?

The first meeting can make a significant impact on the entire outcome of the project. Once the discovery phase is nearing its end and both sides have agreed on the details, it’s time to start discussing the flow of the project and the agile product delivery. The first project management meeting and a proper kick-off are critical.

A kick-off meeting helps establish a project plan, and the means and frequency of communication can be set between the parties. It helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings during the project. 

The key components of an efficient project management kick-off.

A good kick-off can be a start to smooth and continuous improvement of work and the results. There are several things to consider at the beginning of the collaboration.
Start with an agenda

Agenda is an important and often overlooked element of a meeting, not only in terms of project management. A well-rounded meeting outline can allow both parties to prepare questions and answers and voice their concerns and needs. It also helps to ensure the meeting doesn’t run longer than planned. After all, time is money.

Introduce the project team

Getting to know the people behind the project is integral to the process. A short introduction of every person involved can help understand who’ll be responsible for developing all the features, like the minimum viable product.

Confirm the contact information and deadlines

Ensuring that all the contact information is correct and up to date helps avoid future miscommunication. Establishing a transparent, fixed deadline allows the team to plan out the stages of the work accordingly to complete the work on time and within budget.

Consistent monitoring of progress and development process

Agile product delivery involves frequent communication and progress monitoring. Reporting it to the customer can contribute to improved customer satisfaction and make them feel involved in all stages of the process. By delivering projects through an iterative process, businesses can get regular feedback from customers and stakeholders, helping organisations stay on track to meet their objectives. Establishing a means of monitoring the progress that would be convenient for both sides is also one of the key benefits of good project management, as it allows for constant customer feedback. For example, user experience designers can use mockups of the screen designs to showcase their work.

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Good Product Delivery Organisation.

The organisation of the project is one of the essential parts of driving the product to its ultimate success. There are specific measures product managers like to adopt for managing projects in an agile framework that can help establish an optimal project plan for its smooth execution. They can be broken into five phases.

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Let’s talk about your project.

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Core Values For Our Project And Delivery Managers.

Keep it organised.

Create some room to collect the most recent work and name it appropriately. Some clients may bring many new ideas to the table continuously. Keeping things organised and categorised will help you stay up to speed with their requirements and resources.

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Make agendas for meetings.

Sometimes clients can get caught up in their daily business endeavours and get lost in all the details. A handy meeting agenda for the meeting, followed up by a neat summary, can aid in keeping everyone on top of things to save time and avoid miscommunication. This can be especially beneficial for agile teams.

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Track evolving customer needs.

Finding the correct device to store the information on the requirements and the needs of both the customer and an agile product can be crucial to ensure smooth cooperation and updates whenever necessary. Whether it’s Jira, Asana or GitHub you like to manage projects in, it’s good to establish it with a delivery manager at the early stages of the product delivery.

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Regular internal meetings.

Syncing the progress on all fronts can result in increased efficiency and seamless management at different stages. It can be a key benefit when the project’s scope covers multiple areas like software and hardware development. Internal meetings help ensure proper coordination.

Project management and product delivery team

Well-defined documentation.

The documentation may include software architecture descriptions, scientific resources, and other references depending on the project management specification. Having proper documentation can be an essential part of managing an agile product.

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For some, they can be torture, especially for old-school programmers, coding alone, away from other people. However, this approach does not apply to We replaced it with regular team synchronization, the best way to avoid misunderstandings and deliver the project according to client expectations. quote icon

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Reliable Risk Management.

Every project carries a certain level of risk. Project teams must ensure they can manage the risks throughout the product delivery. Different types of risks can overcome the project – from an underestimation of the budget to insufficient information on the customer side.

At, we ensure that our product delivery team calculates the risks and takes the necessary steps to mitigate them. You can see a video sample made by our delivery team to see how they discuss the risks and solutions to resolve the issue. Good risk management is a crucial part of creating a successful project.

Hiring a Versatile Project Or Delivery Manager.

Agile project management and product delivery is challenging; even the best team needs a leader. A good and experienced delivery manager can ensure the project plan is drafted, the business is handled, and the product delivery runs smoothly.

A good leader running the agile product delivery will ensure proper communication and manage the team accordingly so that you have a reliable point of contact to keep you up to speed with your project and ensure the necessary changes are implemented as required.

We have project management and product delivery experts who will guide you towards success whether you prefer the agile product delivery dynamic, scrum or another style. We’ll be there to support the entire process. Contact us so that we can start our journey together!

How To Ensure The Project’s Success?

Learn about the perspective of’s delivery managers and how careful planning, organizing, coordinating, controlling, and monitoring of the project can lead to its success.

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