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Aggregate Farming in the Cloud

Project Goal

AFarCloud addresses the urgent need for a holistic and systematic approach to farming and breeding. The project provides a distributed platform for autonomous farming, enabling the integration and cooperation of cyber-physical systems in real time. The AFarCloud platform acts as a middleware integrating farm management software, vehicles, robots, monitoring, and decision-making systems as well as big data stores, data mining techniques, AI, and ML applications. Role’s contribution to the project covers the implementation of core components of the middleware like Data Stream Processing Engine based on lambda architecture. Beyond that, as one of the decision-support services, DAC is developing and demonstrating the Product Environmental Footprint suite that provides a real-time calculator and analytics of the the environmental cost of farming and breeding processes. The PEF suite employs proprietary algorithms that implement the European Commission’s standards for resources and emission life-cycle analysis (LCA).


AFarCloud – Key Information


€ 16 600 000,00


  • September 2018 — August 2021
  • 36 months


SEVEN – System Prototype Demonstrated in Operational Environment

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Technology Implementation

Importance & Background

In terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness, farming has several economic obstacles. There is also a growing labor shortage, which is partially caused by the depopulation of rural regions. To cut down on wasteful expenses, trade disruptions, and even threats to human health, infections that influence both plant and animal health must be detected, identified, and quantified accurately.

Another important aspect is making farming robots accessible to more users by enabling farming vehicles to work in a cooperative mesh, opening up new applications, and ensuring re-usability, as various standard vehicles can combine their capabilities in order to boost farming efficiency.

AFarCloud responds to the pressing demand for a comprehensive and organized approach. It will offer a distributed platform for autonomous farming, enabling the real-time integration and collaboration of Cyber-Physical Systems for improved agricultural output, efficiency, animal health, food quality, and lower labor costs. Using big data and in-the-moment data mining techniques, the platform combined with farm management software will enhance monitoring and decision-making.

General Project Solution

A distributed platform for autonomous farming is offered by AFarCloud, enabling real-time integration and collaboration of agriculture Cyber-Physical Systems. Technologies for Cyberphysical Systems and precision agriculture can help with agricultural management. The platform in question is called the Mission Management Tool (MMT), and it is a piece of integrated farm management software that supports monitoring as well as solutions for decision-making that are based on big data and real-time data mining methods.

The mission management tool (MMT), a piece of software that runs on Windows operating systems, is used to access the complete platform.


Users who employ AFarCloud’s modular approach may utilize the system’s powerful computing capabilities to administer their farm or agricultural institute while integrating their current equipment.


The platform also enables the flexible incorporation of additional automobiles, sensors, and parts.


Once it has started operating, equipment is always linked to the AFarCloud platform, allowing users to check on the condition of their devices and other associated components via the management system.


The precision agricultural area is covered by AFarCloud’s adaptation of the Industrial Automated Control System Security standard IEC 62443.


AfarCloud is able to predict changes in the weather in real-time using deterministic algorithms and weather sensors installed on the fields.


The Farming-as-a-Service solution is brought to your farm via AFarCloud, which keeps it adaptable to meet your needs.

Funding Agency And The Call For Project

ECSEL Joint Undertaking Call 2017: European Commission FP8 (H2020) and National Centre for Research and Development

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