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Transform safety critical Cyber Physical Systems into distributed solutions for end-users and partners

Project Goal

Secure DevOps Tools for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems DAC that focus on secure embedded DevOps toolchains for modern IoT and other connected heterogeneous Asymmetric Multiprocessing edge devices. Role

DAC works on DevOps tools and addressed the requirements of data security (privacy) and secure access as envisaged by TRANSACT, giving the possibility to maintain secure Over-the-Air updates of the embedded devices. The proposed methodology will be demonstrated in the Battery Management System of an autonomous vehicle.

TRANSACT project

Key information




Jun 2021 — May 2024


SEVEN – System Prototype Demonstrated in Operational Environment

SDG / Area / Technology

  • Iot
  • MedTech

Our role

DevOps and Security (Privacy)

Importance & Background

The technologies that enable fleet management are increasingly crucial instruments for several segments of the logistics sector. Dedicated software information systems offer instruments for the best resource use, which subsequently enables a decrease in costs for the transportation of products. Numerous research and development efforts are being conducted to address the issue of optimizing fleet management.

The CPS devices will be made simpler by distributed solutions including data and cloud services, which will also result in a lower BoM and Lower of Cost of Market. Thus, from a business perspective, system producers become solution providers. TRANSACT will investigate distributed reference architectures for safety-critical CPS that depend on edge and cloud computing in order to achieve this. These architectures will allow for the seamless blending of on-device, edge, and cloud services while ensuring flexible but secure application deployment and separate edge and cloud-based component releases compared to on-device releases. Additionally, on-device only safety-critical CPS systems will maintain the same degree of performance, security, and data privacy.

Additionally incorporating AI services into distributed CPS would allow TRANSACT to quickly build novel value-based services and business models, resulting in a quicker time to market in the multiple multi-billion euro sectors it is targeting. Transact will be an essential tool for Europe to go towards a market focused on solutions “so as to still matter in the Embedded. Cyber-Physical Systems area of tomorrow’s world,” as encouraged by ARTEMIS’ 2019 publication on embedded intelligence.

General Project Solution

The general solution of the TRANSACT project is to provide a generic, distributed solution architecture for the conversion of safety-critical cyber-physical systems (CPS) from localized standalone systems into safe and secure distributed solutions utilizing edge and cloud computing. Cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency should get special attention.
It addressed the following technical challenges:
  • Changing CPS’ Architecture to distributed solutions based on the device from MONOLITHS Edge-Cloud Constellation.
  • Ensure device-edge-clout continuum CPS performance.
  • Protecting CPS’S privacy and security in the continuum of device, edge and cloud.
  • CPS monetization business model development for deployment in the device-edge-clour continuum.
The following would happen if safety-critical CPS were converted into distributed solutions for partners and end users:
  • Distruped public transportation in cities
  • Marine navigational safety 
  • Electric cars with higher  efficiency
  • A clinical app shop and mobile surgical planning

Funding Agency And The Call For Project

ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Belgium. Denmark, Norway.

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