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Let’s build a dedicated remote team to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

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How to maximize your project’s potential?

Try dedicated remote teams

Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our talented developers and IT professionals by building your dedicated software development teams in Poland. By working with, you can gain valuable business advantages for your internal team and the entire company. We can help you improve your software development projects and enhance your skills with the help of our dedicated teams.

dedicated remote teams

Discover the advantages of working with


Kotlin developers on board

At, we have an onsite  experienced team of backend kotlin developers. They can assist you in designing, developing, and deploying scalable and efficient digital solutions that will meet your business requirements.

more than software development company
  • English proficiency and soft skills for transparent communication
  • Quality-oriented teams and experts
  • Support on T&M, fixed or mixed models
  • Ability to create cross-technology teams
  • Starting your project within 2 weeks from the discovery call
  • Full transparency of actions and ownership of IP rights on your side
  • Project data secured by EU laws and regulations with strong NDA behind the cooperation
advantages of working with

Get a Dedicated Team of Skilled Developers within a Few Days!

Get a dedicated team
for your project ASAP

Download our guide and check how we can help you step by step.



    Did you know that 84% of companies struggle to recruit talent due to labor shortages?

    We can help you to maximize your project’s potential with our dedicated remote team! 

    Download our guide and check how it can be done!

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    Building a dedicated team can lead to faster time-to-market delivery. This is because a dedicated team can focus solely on the project and not get distracted by other tasks. quote icon

    Krzysztof Gola
    Krzysztof Gola Technical Project Manager in

    Choose the best model that fits your needs.

    Hire a dedicated team of software developers and free up your resources to focus on your core business!

    We will help you deliver high-quality software development services. Your dedicated development team of product-oriented engineers will support agile or fixed software projects. You can hire a single person or a team of software developers working in a SCRUM or scale your project with multiple dedicated teams focused on full-scale product delivery and sharing your risks.

    Team extension.

    It is the best for quick and ad hoc support for small to medium companies which look for a short team to mid-term (up to 6-9 months) support of their internal teams and projects due to a lack of internal resources.

    Team extension model can mean only one dedicated software developer or engineer performing services together with you in house team, or we can allocate more resources to support your development in its peak weeks.

    The project management in the team extension (or team leasing) model is usually on the client’s side with tools and standards delivered by the customer. Based on our experience, most teams perform tasks in Agile way. In most cases, the developers in the team extension model perform their duties in CET timezone with possibility to overlap 2-3 hours of EST zone.

    Should there be an additional need for consultancy outside the scope of the team’s skills and abilities, such request is issued by the Delivery Manager, and can be organized ad-hoc, depending on the skills and required experience.

    Full product development team.

    It is mainly used for long-term support and companies in a high-growth or scale-up phase. If you are an established organization in need of a stable, well-performing and dedicated team which covers multiple technologies or roles to support you in the entire lifecycle of product development – this is an option for you to choose from.

    Full product development teams can share the risk and work on a semi-fixed model with KPIs to be delivered in a p time or scope as agreed by the client or the Product Manager responsible for the product development lifecycle.

    Such product development teams are often multi-technology and/or multi-disciplinary and can perform on a multipurpose level and the level of support can cover:

    • Ideation phase
    • Prototyping
    • PoC development
    • MVP development
    • UX/UI and product design phase
    • Analysis (business, architecture, system, performance)
    • Review of the existing code or hardware components
    • Review of the literature and state of the art in case the product can be patented
    • Front-end and back-end development
    • Development of firmware and hardware components
    • Integration services on a software, hardware, communication or firmware level
    • Testing and maintenance of the system

    For team extension and full product development team, we provide a dedicated Delivery manager (or Team Manager) to be the first point of contact in terms of communication, project people or day-to-day technical aspects, which allows the team to focus solely on delivering high-quality code and not used for admin-type tasks.

    dedicated Delivery manager

    For both models, the settlement is based on time and material, with one invoice issued at the end of a month for all hours of agreed and performed services. The payment terms vary from 14 to 45 days from issuing an invoice.
    In certain situations, we can adopt a model where a monthly budget is set for the team or for specific results to be delivered by the dedicated team.

    We can help you to select the best option suiting you needs.

    Schedule a call and let us help you.
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    How does the process of building dedicated teams look like in  


    Initial business contact when you briefly describe the need to create a nearshore or offshore software team.

    45-60min call with our Discovery and Delivery team – to understand the rationale behind your goals and why you need and look for a dedicated team model of cooperation.

    Signing an NDA (if requested)

    Agreeing on the team ramp-up, technologies behind and support mode (e.g. with or without a dedicated PM or delivery manager).

    Following the process with an individual or a selected team

    How do we choose the best people for your project?

    The team selection for the product development dedicated team model is on both sides. is responsible for adequately selecting software, hardware or firmware experts. In most cases, we would choose top engineers from our in-house team to start the ramp-up and get through the knowledge transfer phase as quickly as possible. Based on needed skills, experience and domain knowledge, the team is chosen jointly by the client and delivery and staffing managers.

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    The team formation has a top-down approach, with the most senior developers joining first, completing the knowledge transfer and project transfer or in some cases domain knowledge transfer sessions, and creating a plan and platform for the subsequent developers joining the team, so the onboarding is quicker and more effective. quote icon

    Angelika Golis
    Angelika Golis Technical Project Manager in can start performing services in the product development team model even within:

    Your Attractive Heading

    2 weeks.

    from the initial discovery call.

    As soon as the team is ready and selected by and the Partner, we provide ongoing support based on the conditions agreed in the Frame Agreement and a separate Service Order specifying the exact rules of engagement for a specific team or individual providing services.

    What is crucial, is the speed we’re working – in some cases you may expect that we’d start with first developers even within:

    72 hours.

    from the verbal agreement with you.

    The dedicated Delivery or Team Manager is the first point of contact on the side for any questions regarding the team performance, changes or additional ramp-ups or ram-downs of the team performing services.

    What do our clients have to say?

    Review Quote
    We are thrilled by the fantastic results presented to us by the team. Seeing significant progress within such a short time is quite impressive. The level of governance and support was also the right fit for our project’s scale. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work together.
    We’d be more than happy to serve as a reference if the need arises. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    Vaysel Kocamer
    Review Quote
    Your team is doing a great job, working fast, and always seems to understand what we need and deliver high quality. I’m happy that we managed to deploy the create token functionality to production on time. It was an important milestone.
    I feel like all people you brought on to the project are competent and know what they are doing. I like the quality that is being delivered
    You put a lot of attention on us, which I appreciate. I’m very optimistic about our cooperation 🙂
    Radko Albrecht
    Founder, and CEO at Bitbond
    Review Quote
    We were blown away by the quality of the product that delivered. It was exactly what we had imagined, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Yaron Schwarcz
    Co-owner of 0101.Games

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