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Harvesting Innovation Report
How to Transform Agriculture and Food Production with Technology.

Join the report to discuss the role of technology in reshaping farming and food industry

The Call for
Digital Transformation.

As the global population is continually growing, it is creating an ever-increasing demand for food and agricultural goods. Technology has the potential to dramatically boost agricultural produce, thereby assisting in meeting this demand.

By embracing technology, the food and agriculture industries can not only keep up with these pressing difficulties, but also play an important role in assuring food security, lowering environmental impact, and stimulating economic growth in rural communities.

Exploring the state of Foodtech and Agritech in Europe.

There are several areas we are aiming to find insights on while working on the report:

The state digital transformation in agriculture and food production in Europe

Current industry trends and tendencies as well as future predictions

The most promising and disruptive foodtech and agritech startups

Expert opinions about how to solve the most alarming problems in the industry

The Mission.

We are aiming to bridge the gap between what technology is currently used and what is available on the market to help companies thrive in the current economic and environmental climate. Our mission is to provide a free, easily-digestible, comprehensive and unbiased knowledge source for anybody interested in how technology can support food production and agriculture in Europe and beyond to battle the most alarming issues the industries face.

Why you should contribute?

As the final report will be promoted across social media and traditional media outlets, getting involved in the report presents and opportunity to enhance your personal brand, place your company’s logo on the report’s website as well as in the report itself or become one of the media partners. Here are some of the main benefits of getting involved in the report:

Promote yourself as an expert in the field

New Networking Opportunities

Attract People from Outside Your Ecosystem

Exposure for your brand

Support foodtech and agritech community

How to get involved?

Submit an expert quote

Share your thoughts, comments and future predictions about the issues technology can resolve for food production and agriculture to educate or point the right direction for the stakeholders.

Share a case study

Have you successfully implemented cutting edge technology to mitigate the difficulties the industries face and have some data to prove it’s success? Let the world know about the achievement and give your company or solution additional exposure to inspire others to take similar action or take advantage of your original product.


Apply to be included in the foodtech and agritech Startup List in the report

We are looking for 100 most disruptive and revolutionary solutions supporting agricultural growth and food production. Don’t miss the chance to get your spot and gain extra exposure among the industry leaders, investors and your potential customers.

Does the report spark other ideas in your mind?

We are open to discuss it! Book a meeting with our report coordinator to share it and discuss your customized involvement. 
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The Timeline.

November 2023

The report’s announcement to the media outlets and community partners

November 2023

Book a call with our Team to learn more about the report and how to get involved

December 2023

Submit your quote, case study or Startup application

31 December 2023

The deadline for applications is on 31st December (subject to extend upon demand)

January 2024 team reviews the materials submitted, communicates with the contributors and prepares the final version of the report

Q1 2024

The final version of the report to be released in Q1 2024

Q1 2024

Media campaign to promote the report and its findings online and in traditional outlets

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