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At, we strive to stay at the forefront of deep tech and drive innovation to empower businesses and industries worldwide. Our passion for disruptive technologies and a team of experts and enthusiasts make us an ideal partner if you’re looking for transformative technologies.

Our Expertise and Know-How.


With a deep and extensive understanding of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and blockchain, we harness their power to address complex challenges and create new opportunities for our clients.

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Revolutionising Industries. experts (with PhD-level scientists in our midst) are dedicated to delivering game-changing AI-driven solutions across different sectors. We are committed to providing revolutionary technology solutions that redefine your business’s capabilities. Explore the industries in which we specialise:

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Why Choose Us?

Innovation leaders creating customised solutions

We are pioneers in adopting and applying emergency technologies tailored to your unique needs.

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Expert team

With a team of industry experts and tech enthusiasts, we commit ourselves entirely to your cause.

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Continuous advancement and satisfied clients

We stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements. We are fearless in pushing the boundaries and creating new possibilities, exceeding the market advancements.

What our clients say:

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Communication and cross technology and cross vertical experience and depth of the team that delivered the solution was impressive. They are not only service providers but first of all — deliver added value on top of what they were asked for, with fresh ideas and suggestions.
Philipp Reiter
Partner & COO of eye square GmbH
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One of the biggest challenges was estimating the gaze point on the screen in a non-controlled environment with varying light and camera positions. Contemporary solutions rely on expensive hardware and extended sets of recorded people. Few solutions currently available on the market would do what ours does with just the built-in smartphone camera.
Review Quote
We were blown away by the quality of the product that delivered. It was exactly what we had imagined, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Yaron Schwarcz
Co-owner of 0101.Games
Review Quote
Most important is that you cover our professional needs, which are pretty extensive and different from traditional projects. We couldn’t get a more ideal partner with extraordinary skills both within AI and application development. Professional and transparent project management is vital. PM and interactions are working exceptionally well. Your ability to work independently and come up with constructive alternative solutions, understandable for a layperson, has reduced the stress and concerns. We appreciate the good chemistry. We see as more than just another developer. We see you as an extension of Sports Computing.
Kjell Heen
CEO of Sports Computing

Let’s Dive Into AI Solutions Together.  

Are you ready to revolutionise your operations and stay on top of the game? Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your vision.

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