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Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Algorithms for Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Project Goal

The main objective of the project was to develop a generic engine to solve multiple instances of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). VRP is an optimization problem, solved by providing an optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles to traverse, in order to deliver or pick up goods to or from multiple locations. Such solutions are important in the transportation and logistics industry, as they reduce operational costs (e.g. fuel consumption, fleet exploitation level, labour) and minimize environmental footprint (GHG emissions). role

FLOTA++ results are in use since 2016 as key enabling technology in the development of transport and logistics management products in the DAC portfolio, including MuuMap (DAC proprietary solution) and MilkMap (a product developed and marketed by a joint-venture of DAC SA and Austrian company Schwarte-Jansky).

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FLOTA++ – key information


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  • May 2015 – Oct 2016
  • 17 months


TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment

SDG / Area / Technology

  • IoT
  • Software development

Our role

Technology Development Partner (as Better Solutions)

Importance & Background

The technologies that enable fleet management are increasingly crucial instruments for several segments of the logistics sector. Dedicated software information systems offer instruments for the best resource use, which subsequently enables a decrease in costs for the transportation of products. Numerous research and development efforts are being conducted to address the issue of optimizing fleet management.

Since Dantzig and Ramser initially proposed the vehicle routing problem (VRP) in 1959, a variety of theoretical solutions have been investigated. Heuristic methods like the “routefirst cluster-second” approach (or the reverse) or two-stage methods like the Clarke and Wright algorithm based on greedy route constructions were taken into consideration. When solving increasingly complex variations of VRP, local search algorithms with metaheuristic control techniques like tabu search or simulated annealing are frequently taken into consideration. Previously, such heuristic approaches were mostly presented for very basic variants of VRP.

Research is also being done on some bio-inspired metaheuristics, such as evolutionary strategies like memetic algorithms or ant colony optimization methods for VRP. Many of the particular variations of VRP are now considered classic. Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) and CVRP with time Windows (CVRPTW) are two of the more noticeable ones. Real-world logistics and transportation issues, however, are different from such classic issues for a number of reasons.

Real-world input datasets differ from traditional benchmarks in terms of structure and size due to factors like fleet heterogeneity, customer volume, and many others, which compels developers to come up with their own solutions to business problems. Additionally, it is necessary to add additional limitations to the traditional VRP issue variations brought on by the needs of clients and business context. These criteria are often quite particular and require specialized implementation. Even though several VRP strategies have been put out to far, specialized and tailored solutions are still required. Thus, a fascinating and significant path is that of research and development-related VRP that result from actual difficulties.

General Project Solution

The general solution of the project included an IT system, the task of which was to support the optimization of routing processes in companies from various industries.

Two version so software was planned and created, standalone and server. The first phase of the project included business requirements analysis and modeling of existing logistics processes. Companies with different sizes of transport fleets will took part in it.

The problem of optimization in transport and logistics is so complex that its indispensable element must be an in-depth research phase, which will be aimed at examining the existing routing algorithms and will clearly allow for their appropriate selection.


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Funding Agency

Applied Research Programme: National Centre for Research and Development (Poland)

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