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Welcome to Kotlin Crew, the fastest-growing Kotlin community! Our goal is to establish a vibrant and inclusive place for Kotlin enthusiasts to network, exchange knowledge, and learn.

Our community is where Kotlin developers of all levels can  share ideas, ask questions, and find new opportunities.

If you are looking for real-life Kotlin use-cases, insights about language features, and integrations with other technologies – take your seat because you are in the right place.



Join the ever-expanding community of actual Kotlin users who put the programming language to work in the real world, in both the backend and the frontend of their applications.

Get to know individuals and teams who are using Kotlin as a programming language and pick their brains if you need some insights or advice.


Find out who made it in the big business, which tech giants’ products are based on Kotlin and why does it make them so successful. Do you want to build the next Amazon, Twitter or Netflix? Get inspired on how to turn an idea into the next big thing using one of the most.

Kotlin Crew is where tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers share the news and most exciting success stories backed by Kotlin programming.


No matter if you are looking for language features and best practices, Kotlin performance optimization methods, or trying to trouble-shoot – Kotlin Crew is here to save the day!

The Members of our Kotlin community are here to share their knowledge with everybody who wants to join the world of software development and explore it through a programming language that is concise, cross-platform and fun.

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How To Get Involved?

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Check out our publication – the Kotlin Book
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Still Comparing Kotlin to Java?

It’s time to settle it once and for all. The fight between Java and Kotlin is underway over which one will be better suited for your project. Both sides are determined to win. See the standoff below in a list of criteria we compared to help you choose the best option.

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