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Electronics and ICT as an enabler for the digital industry and optimised supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle

Project Goal

Productive4.0 addresses all domains of the Digital Industry, comprising the complete range of Industry 4.0 technologies. The background of the project consists of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems), automation technologies, self-learning robotic systems, data exchange frameworks, service-oriented architectures, blockchain, AI and ML, additive manufacturing, process virtualisation, IoT components and infrastructures. Role

Key contributions of DAC include several complementary, both hardware and software, technologies enabling product traceability across transparent, connected and digitalized value chains: (1) Digital Product Footprint (co-developed with Thales) provides an architecture for cooperative Product Lifecycle Management to support product-information (including Bills of Materials) exchange in complex value networks; (2) Semantic Knowledge Processing Technology (co-developed with Infineon) to process textual product-related documents written in natural languages; (3) a prototype of a secure one-chip computer with a built-in Secure Element (Infineon IRIDIUM SLM 9670 compliant with TPM2.0), acting as a trusted gateway in the IoT architecture, integrating legacy truck onboard sensors and connecting them with the Internet; (4) transaction security technology (based on Infineon Blockchain Security 2Go) where security controller chip and contactless communication interface (ISO 14443 Type A) are used for hardware-enabled authentication and authorization of blockchain transactions.

productive 4.0

Key information


M€ 106


  • May 2017 – October 2020
  • 40 months


TRL8: system complete and qualified

SDG / Area / Technology

  • IoT
  • ICT
  • Supply Chain Management

Our role

Hardware and software development

Importance & Background

The project’s ultimate goal addressed the need for a solution that is suitable for everyday use across all industrial sectors – up to TRL8. A single, consistent digitization strategy that can target multiple industrial areas. A solution that can integrate three primary pillars of digital production (DP), supply chain networks (SNC), and product lifecycle management (PLM), and enable interaction with each other as well as the impact each other for a holistic system approach.

The need arises due to the evolution of the new idea of offering seamless automation and network solutions as well as improving the consistency, transparency, and efficiency of data. Only ECSEL was capable of completing a project of this complexity. All ECSEL communities are united by the consortium, which comprises 45% AENEAS, 30% ARTEMIS-IA, and 25% EPOSS partners.

General Project Solution

Companies received the key tools they needed for the digital transition from Productive4.0. It focuses on a digitalized manufacturing process that may be used for any type of product. The outcomes, including methodologies for modeling and simulating IoT components as well as toolchains for cross-lifespan and cross-domain digitalization, are ideal ways to sustainably link all phases of a product’s lifecycle.
General Project Solutions consist of:

A platforms for SoS-based system architectures to the sector that will promote automation and digitization for sustainable manufacturing.

A secure communication environment and a data analytics platform for the whole value chain.

IoT-enabling components for the industry.

A sophisticated simulation models for product lifecycle management, supply chain networks, and digital production.

Powerful planning, virtualization, operating, and control systems.

Encouragement for the industry to adopt applicable international standards by becoming digital.

Multi-sided cross-domain platform for Manufacturing Networks.

Solutions that work in practice and examples of implementations for the digital industry.

Funding Agency and The call for project

ECSEL Joint Undertaking Call 2016: European Commission FP8 (H2020) and National Centre for Research and Development

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