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From Concept To Creation
– Custom Software Development That Works.

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Our Approach.

Hire a software development company that can deliver your custom software project and work on a fixed time, scope and budget basis!

Custom software development team

We can create a custom software development team out of:
  • Back- and Frontend Engineers supported by DevOps
  • AI, ML and Computer Vision experts
  • IoT dedicated engineers
  • Firmware and hardware engineers
  • Technical Team Leads
  • Architects
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Manual or Automation Testers
  • Project Managers
  • UX/UI experts

Discovery process

Whether you represent a small startup, a mid-size consulting agency or a large, world-wide known corporation, we can work out the best estimation for you, considering your requirements and expectations. Our Technical Discovery Team will assist you from the first call and help you understand your project goals, timeline and scope. We work according to a custom project discovery framework, and we can guarantee that you’d receive answers and estimations in certain response times.

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Product Delivery

We value Agile methods of digital product development a lot, and we are also happy to work on stricter terms with companies that have to deliver products on time, within budget and in scope expected by Product Managers or C-level executives. Our experience working in complex software, IoT and embedded projects helps deliver spot-on estimations where others would choose more safe Time and Material models.

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Properly formulating a project goal is just the first step in successful project management. Effective communication is also critical to project success, and includes establishing clear communication channels and protocols, as well as developing a communication plan from the outset. By doing so, project managers can ensure that everyone is informed and that problems are addressed quickly and efficiently.
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Krzysztof Gola
Krzysztof Gola General Manager Software at

Custom Software Projects Case Studies.

Krzysztof Gola
Krzysztof Gola General Manager Software

Let’s talk about your project.

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How Do We Estimate Fixed Projects?

We have a defined estimation process which will help us get estimates at speed and set expectations with our clients.


StageStatusOur response time
Ballpark• Initial enquiry
• Understanding the high-level budget expectations of the client
• 24h – 48h
High-level estimate with a low-high range• Scope requires refinement
• Open questions
• 72h
Final estimate• Scope clear
• SOW signed or being finalised with the end client
• Initial enquiry
• Understanding the high-level budget expectations of the client

Our Methodology.



As your technology partner, we take co-responsibility for the requirements gathering and creating quality specification briefs in the project delivery lifecycle.


To ensure a successful project is delivered on time and within budget and scope, we always recommend constant client engagement throughout the project. We’ve learned that client dedication and daily involvement in the project are crucial to its success.

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We use Scrum to develop software projects from the ground up for optimal performance and communication. Our Scrum Masters and Project Managers are there to lead the teams and provide the client with agile development support.

With over 500 projects completed since establishing the company, we have developed and improved our internal discovery and project delivery processes. Depending on the project size, we adopt an option that suits the customer, the project, and the goals to be achieved.

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How We Bring Projects To Life.

Free discovery session

We understand that your project may be of a different scale, touch various industries or need hybrid technologies to be adopted. That is why we’d run a complimentary discovery session with you and answer the most important questions before engaging you and your team in spending time and budget.

Offering Time

Once we clarify the basics, we’d present our offer. It may be based on fixed rules. However, we are also open and happy to work more flexibly using time and material with bi-weekly sprint and backlog planning with your team or adopting a model with a maximum project budget cap and scope to be flexible depending on the circumstances. The latest is often a case with proof of concepts or testing an idea in a more R&D way (especially in AI/ML models).


Once we agree on the scope, budget, timing, technologies and resources (which can take as fast as five working days), we’d sign Frame Agreement and Service order and move on with the project with kick-off and proper development phases divided into bi-weekly sprints with sprint planning, demo and review sessions with your presence and testing of the delivered solutions with your help.


Once the features are developed and accepted, we run the deployment process and after-care and stabilisation phase, which usually takes up to four weeks when we monitor the software or application developed and adopt any changes and fixes if needed.

Continouous Development

Often the first PoC or MVP is just a start of a more extended collaboration. After successfully implementing the first version, we run a series of improvements, maintenance and additional features development with our partners.

MVPs and PoC

MVPs and PoC projects usually take three days to four months of work. The initial lead time from the first discovery call to the start of the project is generally between 14 and 21 calendar days.

Project Delivery Overview
– PoC or MVP. delivery follows a SCRUM delivery process for projects up to 6 sprints (12 weeks / 3 months).

Project Delivery Overview
– Project with Full Scope.

Many projects need a more complex approach to digital product development and go over traditional PoC or MVP development. team covers such projects as well.

In such projects, we’d take more time to know you and your idea, business goals and expected results, as often such cooperation lasts longer than four months and involves several stakeholders.


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Review Quote
We are thrilled by the fantastic results presented to us by the team. Seeing significant progress within such a short time is quite impressive. The level of governance and support was also the right fit for our project’s scale. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work together.
We’d be more than happy to serve as a reference if the need arises. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Vaysel Kocamer
Review Quote
Your team is doing a great job, working fast, and always seems to understand what we need and deliver high quality. I’m happy that we managed to deploy the create token functionality to production on time. It was an important milestone.
I feel like all people you brought on to the project are competent and know what they are doing. I like the quality that is being delivered
You put a lot of attention on us, which I appreciate. I’m very optimistic about our cooperation 🙂
Radko Albrecht
Founder, and CEO at Bitbond
Review Quote
We were blown away by the quality of the product that delivered. It was exactly what we had imagined, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Yaron Schwarcz
Co-owner of 0101.Games

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