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About Us.

Combination of a scientific and business approach.

Do you need a solution ahead of the competition? Then, you found the right team! We are engineers & problem solvers who deliver value across IoT, hardware, embedded systems, big data, machine learning, DLT, DevOps, and software engineering.

Our Background.

We are experts in emerging technologies. Our team members are not only up to date with the newest technology stacks – we work every day on the tech that changes the future. We work on the intersection of technology, science, and business. A unique combination of a scientific and business approach is our advantage, which allows for above-average effectiveness.

Projects is a company born out of numerous R&D projects completed in the past 11 years. We serve as reliable technology providers and integrators in large, international consortia. Our internal R&D team experiments with emerging technologies getting the skills and knowledge unavailable elsewhere.

Custom Software

We are known for high-quality services delivered on time. Our developers have the right expertise and passion for software and hardware projects. We are proud of their onboarding skills in the team extension model and ability to build a dedicated team quickly.


We have proven excellence in product engineering by launching our solutions to the market. We supported the versatility of industries with dedicated software and hardware products and learned how to commercialize R&D results.

Work with
the Best.

In the past two years has been recognized for digitization and innovation efforts in five independent competitions. Morover, our team has been acknowledged as Leading IoT Service Provider and shortlisted in the elite community of the top 7% of software engineers.

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Media presence.


We are active members of international communities that bring industry leaders together from all over the world. In addition, we support and get support in utilizing emerging technologies and industry digitization.
We worked on solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, autonomous farming, IoT/SoS automation and digitalization, and more.

Our team.

Przemysław Szleter
Przemysław Szleter Chief Executive Officer
Damian Derebecki
Damian Derebecki Chief Operating Officer
Krzysztof Radecki
Krzysztof Radecki Chief Technology Officer
Agata Gwardyś
Agata Gwardyś Head of People
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD Head of Innovation
Marek Tatara, PhD
Marek Tatara, PhD Head of Science
Justyna Pelc
Justyna Pelc Head of Community
Joanna Pomierska
Joanna Pomierska Head of Controlling and Administration
Radosław Szmit
Radosław Szmit Head of Growth
Adrian Nicoś
Adrian Nicoś Solutions Architect