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Published: 06/08/2021

R&D as a service – what should you know about product engineering

R&D as a service – what should you know about product engineering

You are likely to hear “outsourcing” associated with software development projects. Yet there are far more business procedures and projects to be outsourced – and one of them is R&D. Research and Development as a service – what should you know about it and why should you consider outsourcing of product engineering?

Outsourcing Research and Development activities can involve creating PoCs (proofs of concept) or research stages for a particular IT company. Developing or coding them is another story. It doesn’t have to be done by the same company – yet it could have its benefits.

How can it work, what are the advantages of outsourcing product engineering, and why should you consider undergoing this process with Let us guide you through it in this article.

What can be included in Research and Development as a service?

#1 Proof of concept

Have you ever considered outsourcing Proof of Concept? In most cases, Proof of Concept projects are geared towards validating a particular business idea in a given setting. Regardless of the fact that executing such a PoC is a natural outsource subject, the PoC is still often isolated and managed on an internal basis. Nevertheless, proof of concept is an ideal “outsourcing” material!

#2 Development services for startups

Startups that are just beginning their professional journeys should prioritize Minimum Valuable Products. Minimum Valuable Product is often the determining factor for the overall success of a project and can shorten the time to market.

And you can outsource engineering services and development services as well.

Your Minimum Valuable Product can be professionally created with the right outsourcing partner with no burden on your shoulders. From experimentation through successful iteration, fast failure, and innovation, it may follow all stages. Outsourcing MVP should be also associated with creating Proof of Concept, naturally. Stages should include the whole product lifecycle, from developing the Proof of Concept into a functional MVP, monitoring product development, to finally, putting it into practice.

#3 Full-range of projects for corporations

The planning and prototyping stages are important, but the execution stage matters more. An entire process can be outsourced, including the planning stages, execution, and evaluation. Even though there are businesses that know exactly what the project needs and how it should look, they may lack the resources needed for implementation. Moreover, they may not possess the necessary knowledge to complete the project in the manner they wish.

And here’s where outsourcing comes in handy and enables your enterprise’s growth and digital transformation.

#4 Integrations

The technology world revolves around fully functional integrations. Many software development outsourcing companies have experience integrating hardware with software. Moreover, they can integrate hardware and software for other parties. Sometimes, they also assist hardware providers in creating the right software.


Benefits of Research and Development as a service

Benefits of Research and Development as a service

#1 Access to academic knowledge

The partners who develop software often work with PhDs, professors, and academic experts from renowned universities and academic centers. The benefit is to leverage the best academic research and business practices in their areas of expertise.

Industry cooperation is generally easier than cooperation with public or scientific units, as they are restricted in more ways. They also operate on different principles (they don’t fully compete on the market, so they may not always provide a responsive service or be flexible), so it’s worth taking it into consideration.

Yet, on the other hand, many creative projects are developed at universities and this is an excellent way of combining two elements that customers value.

Academic research and insights often provide solutions and conclusions that cannot be found anywhere else.

#2 Unique know-how in product engineering

Oftentimes, software development partners in international consortia have extensive experience implementing solutions financed by EU programs (for example, we do that at in Productive4.0 or AFarCloud consortiums).

Working with them provides the organizations with access to rare know-how and experience in implementing modern technologies and innovative and risky projects of this type.

In addition, such software development enterprises are very experienced in interacting with a wide range of units. As a result, they have access to the knowledge of specialists, which is very valuable in these types of projects. It is often unique knowledge that can only be acquired through time, experience, and hard work.

#3 Ready-made solution at your disposal

Partnering with software development companies for Research and Development has another advantage. Since their experience is so extensive, they may already have a couple of ready-made solutions that can be implemented in your own project. We have a number of blockchain-related projects and IoT-enabled projects up our sleeves at, so we know how to tackle this area from an R&D perspective.

Such solutions have already been tested, so there is already data or results backing them up. These ready-made solutions are our assets since we can use them completely or in part, depending on the needs of the interested company.

#4 Complex consulting

Innovative projects are also risky, so it makes sense to partner with a company that has experience in these fields. The best software development partner is one who will advise you well – in terms of cost, as well as, for example, for future development. As part of a consultative process, it is important to think about what should be changed, modified, and rethought as well as analyzing current activities. Technology professionals develop software, so they know what’s possible and what’s worth implementing to stay ahead of competitors and transform the industry soon.

#5 Smaller business risk

It is possible to minimize the risks associated with R&D projects when you work with a software development provider with such experience. The question is: how? By such a collaboration, an organization gains access not only to technological expertise but also to new business opportunities and know-how. These companies are able to advise how emerging technologies can solve problems for their customers. They can check also when it is not worth spending money on. Outsourcing providers can solve a similar problem faster and without using e.g. artificial intelligence or blockchain. They avoid using modern technologies for the sake of using them if there is no real need for them. Conscious software development partners are true partners!

#6 Cost optimization for enterprises

R&D outsourcing often results in lower costs. The company can save money in the long run if it uses ready-made and tested solutions or general knowledge and expertise of software development companies. In other words, it will pay a fraction of the cost of developing solutions and competencies that have been created on behalf of other projects, yet which are intended to be used in this project. An experienced software development partner can also prevent mistakes and identify the fastest way to create the right solution. By leveraging their current expertise, they can save time and money. It would otherwise be spent on developing some solutions from scratch.

#7 Unique competencies of service providers

In addition to allowing access to unique competencies, R&D outsourcing also offers access to specialized talent. Since experience like this is hard to find, hiring a firm that is well-versed in the field is a cost-effective means of saving time and money. A project can be sped up, the development time decreased and resources optimized if contacts and experience are utilized.

In essence, R&D outsourcing allows clients to access unique know-how and modern solutions without spending thousands of dollars on developing them themselves.

Let’s dive into product engineering together

Not only do we write about the outsourcing of Research and Development as a service and product engineering. We may be a good fit as a partner as well. It is our intention to cover all of the bases we discussed. We would be glad to provide assistance in these areas.

There have been numerous R&D projects we’ve launched for various industries – check out our case studies and the range of services we offer here. Besides that, you should know that this is not all we have to offer. Our team can develop fully functional solutions in 49 hours… or less! And we’re serious about it – check out how it is possible.

It will be our pleasure to assist you as well. Contact us and let’s tackle product engineering together!

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