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Who we are? is the software & hardware company born out of R&D, delivering end to end products for industries such as transport, logistics, retail, marketing, medtech. We expertise in technology development, full-stack custom product delivery, platform engineering and research & development. Our proficiency in Deep Tech projects and custom software development is empowered by our German team of product consulting and design experts for digital health. From concept to reality, our full-stack expertise ensures tailored, innovative product delivery for your unique needs.

About is one of the fastest-growing software & hardware companies in Europe. We deliver excellent technological engineering teams and design, build and scale products to help you solve your business problems. Our tech excellence comes from our 14-year experience in R&D projects for startups, scaleups & enterprises. The software we’re building helps people with Parkinson’s disease in Germany, supports healthcare facilities in Scandinavia, and connects freelancers with SMEs in Latin America.

Punktum is a Berlin-based product consultancy. Digital health and sports innovators use our design, R&D, and engineering expertise to build and launch products that resonate well with the market.

We offer product ideation, design, development, and scaling. Our clients are startups focusing on digital health, digital therapeutics, and sports-tech. expertise

Technology development

We thrive by bringing tech value to our customers based on excellence in technology and science.

Full-stack custom product delivery

From concept to reality, our full-stack expertise ensures tailored, innovative product delivery for your unique needs.


Our tech excellence comes from our 14-year experience in R&D projects for startups, scaleups & enterprises.

What are we good at?

Deeptech Projects is a company born out of numerous emerging-tech projects completed in the past 14 years. We serve as reliable technology providers and integrators in large, international consortia. Our internal deeptech team experiments with emerging technologies getting the skills and knowledge unavailable elsewhere.

Custom Software Development

We are known for high-quality services delivered on time. Our developers have the right expertise and passion for software and hardware projects. We are proud of their onboarding skills in the team extension model and ability to build a dedicated team quickly.

Our own products

Experience gained in building our products allows us to create successful software & hardware projects for our customers.

Streamlining Dairy Industry with MuuMap: A Digital Revolution team

Przemysław Szleter
Przemysław Szleter Chief Executive Officer
Damian Derebecki
Damian Derebecki Chief Operating Officer
Agata Gwardyś
Agata Gwardyś Chief People&Culture
Justyna Pelc
Justyna Pelc Head of Communications
Joanna Pomierska
Joanna Pomierska Head of Controlling and Administration
Krzysztof Gola
Krzysztof Gola General Manager Software
Krzysztof Radecki
Krzysztof Radecki Chief Technology Officer
Radosław Szmit
Radosław Szmit Head of Growth
Adrian Nicoś
Adrian Nicoś Solutions Architect
Piotr Michowski
Piotr Michowski Head of Delivery
Marcin Połulich
Marcin Połulich General Manager Deep Tech
Daniel Bak
Daniel Bak Head of Business Development Deep Tech
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD
Mateusz Bonecki, PhD Head of Innovation
Marek Tatara, PhD
Marek Tatara, PhD Head of Science
Stanisław Raczyński
Stanisław Raczyński Chief Innovation Officer projects

Punktum expertise

Service design

Product strategy consulting

Digital health

Service design

Punktum’s UX/UI Designers and Researchers help our clients to connect with real human needs, align their business goals, and use the potential of emerging technologies. Together we ideate, design and user-test digital services that make an impact.

Product strategy consulting

Punktum guides our clients to validate their product assumptions early and stay relevant to their audiences. The digital experiences and customer journeys Punktum designs are patient-centric. The Product Strategy, that we define together with clients, leads all design and development decisions.

Digital health

Punktum designs and builds custom software and hardware for digital health and sports innovators.

Punktum team

Josua Ziegler
Josua Ziegler Chief Executive Officer
Tom Sieron
Tom Sieron Chief Operating Officer
Krzysztof Radecki
Krzysztof Radecki Chief Technology Officer
Marek Tatara, PhD
Marek Tatara, PhD Chief Science Officer
Adrian Nicoś
Adrian Nicoś Software Development Lead
Marcin Połulich
Marcin Połulich Deep Tech Lead
Rosa vom Hagen
Rosa vom Hagen Business Development