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We believe that by working together and exchanging knowledge, we can create communities that not only unite people but also motivate them to make great changes and invent the next Big Things.

Kotlin Crew

Kotlin Crew is where Kotlin developers of all levels can share ideas, ask questions, and find new opportunities. If you are looking for real-life Kotlin use-cases, insights about language features, and integrations with other technologies – take your seat because you are in the right place.

Deep Tech Community

Deep Tech Community on meetup brings together people interested in Deep Tech solutions who want to gain knowledge and develop in this field. The rapidly accelerating technological evolution requires us to derive as much as possible from and contribute to Deep Tech technologies. By creating Deep Tech technologies, we are creating the future.

Tech Excellence Podcast

Join us at a new live podcast series and tell the world about your business or tech project, your journey from zero to hero and your definition of tech excellence. Share your story to inspire and educate others, gain extra exposure among the innovation community, and expand your network of connections. Applications for the first season are open.


We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re doing well in being creative and breaking the boundaries between possible and impossible. But we know that many more cross-disciplinary, innovative geniuses are out there. DAC10 is our token of appreciation for the best of the best.