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BARTI – Balancing Automation of Returnable Transport Items

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How improved the process of circulation of RTIs (Returnable Transport Items) to reduce the physical turnover of packaging and documentation by digitizing the flow of information.

Our Client

Rohlig-Suus – a Polish-German logistics company with a global reach.




Based on surveys and case studies the direct cost related to loss and theft of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) ranges between 10-30% of the pool of registered items. In total, plastic pallet and container loss within the U.S. is estimated to be between $800M and $1.5B annually,  based on surveys in America. In the rest of the world, the percentage of losses will not deviate much.


Our goal was to provide an automated RTIs circulation ecosystem allowing participants of the supply chain to exchange information about their returnable packaging (e.g. pallets) balance without sharing the sensitive information with others (e.g. who are the suppliers, how much goods each company buys/sells, etc.). Taking into consideration the number of participants in the supply chain involved in RTIs circulation within one ecosystem, the immutability of the data in the system is important. We designed a system meeting all challenges thanks to blockchain technology. 

The main objectives of BARTI

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Limiting the number of kilometers driven by trucks to collect and transport empty RTIs withing one logistics ecosystem. 

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Providing the privacy of the sensitive business data within the supply chain during the RTI circulation process. 

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Abstracting the DLT complexities and providing a technology-agnostic system for non-DLT users.


Returnable Transport Items Tracking System

How does it work?


The operator of the returnable packaging exchange manages DLT.

Shippers and hauliers register electronic pallet receipts on a common DLT chain.

Producers and chains register PULL and PUSH transactions and place orders for new pallets and returnable packaging.

Producers of returnable packaging and pallets provide new elements to the system, reacting to information about damaged and providing new ones with the growing demand

How is Blockchain technology used in BARTI?

Blockchain implementation in the described solution brings the following values:

automated contract execution,

autonomous dispute resolution,

fewer paper documents,

improvement of freight monitoring, 

continuous and trusted data exchange between partners,

real-time access to confirmed information about RTI balance.

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Technical challenges solved

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Blockchain reading performance in high velocity, large volume context.

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Using of off-chain indexing services to handle read operations for the UI.

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Migration part from private to public ledgers.

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Hiding the blockchain layer from the less tech-verse users.

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BlockIS storage enabler application analysis and plan.

Review Quote
We have signed with a commercial collaboration agreement on the future joint development of the product. The system will be developed to serve not only Rohlig Suus but also our customers.
Piotr Chmielewski
Member of the Board at Rohlig Suus

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