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Handling Complex Database Migrations while Maintaining Uninterrupted Operations

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Our client, a leading software solutions provider for the dairy industry, specializes in optimizing the efficiency of dairy transportation through digital data management and real-time monitoring of raw milk collection processes. Facing the challenge of managing vast amounts of crucial data, they required a robust and reliable environment for storage and processing.

The Challenge: Migrating Database Without Downtime

The client was confronted with migrating their extensive database to a Kubernetes infrastructure. Key challenges included enhancing system reliability and robustness, cutting operational costs, and minimizing downtime during the migration process.

Our Solution: Seamless Transition using Kubernetes, Helm, and MongoDB

  • Migration of essential services to a new Kubernetes cluster, maintaining connectivity with the existing database setup.
  • Utilization technologies like Kubernetes, Helm, and MongoDB for a seamless transition.

We Faced Challenges of Aging Infrastructure

The initial strategy involved a phased update of the Kubernetes version, moving from the legacy 1.14 version to the more current 1.27 release. Still, the system encountered multiple issues, leading to its failure in some instances, and necessitated frequent rollbacks to the previous stable version after each unsuccessful attempt to update.

Our solution was migrating to a managed Kubernetes service administered by a cloud service provider.

The Biggest Challenge Was To Migrate Extensive Databases

Given the substantial volume of data, encompassing not only the core system but also numerous databases, the task posed a formidable challenge. 

The system was relatively straightforward to migrate since it contained no data; all the critical information resided within our databases. Managing these extensive databases posed the most significant hurdle.

We Maintained Uninterrupted Service of the System

Uninterrupted service is crucial for dairy operations, which run around the clock. We’ve designed another approach to ensure smooth operation without service breaks to avoid inconvenience during the system upgrade.

Instead of shutting down to transfer databases, we’ve opted for a seamless transition. Our skilled team has migrated to a more robust system without interrupting operations. This dual setup means we’ve doubled the infrastructure during the transition – with uninterrupted data flow and milk deliveries on schedule.

Our solution features a new server added to the existing three-node structure, ensuring excellent reliability without interfering with daily operations. This tailored setup aims to provide a more robust, more efficient system without the risk of downtime.

As we gradually phased out the old equipment, we maintained a safety net, ready to switch back without any hiccups if the need arose. This strategy enables us to move forward only when we are sure of stability. Our team is committed to making this upgrade smooth and transparent for continued satisfaction.

The Effects of Our Work: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

The migration resulted in:

  • Enhanced data security through updated Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Reduced operational costs and improved scalability.
  • Minimized downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for the client’s operations.

Team of Experts

Our project team comprised a DevOps engineer and an Architect/DevOps specialist, working closely with the client’s internal team to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive migration strategy.

Technology Stack

Leveraging Kubernetes, Helm, and MongoDB, our team adeptly managed the project’s infrastructure and database needs, ensuring a robust and scalable solution.

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