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Enhancing Social Interaction in Solo Travel: Crafting Social Cues for a Travel Platform

Embark on the journey of a top travel agency revolutionizing solo travel. In a quest to amplify social interaction, the agency partnered with to tackle feature implementation challenges. Leveraging a FullStack developer's expertise, they seamlessly integrated the game-changing "See Who's Going" feature, transforming solo adventures into vibrant social experiences.


The company is a leading global online travel agency focused on the hostel market. It enables travelers to experience new places and people in a fun, memorable and safe way.


The client was transforming their core product, implementing many new ideas and solutions. Due to the tight schedule, they’ve asked for help to support some features in parallel.


We’ve provided a FullStack developer supporting Social Cues as a part of the project. We developed a small microservice, a proxy, and a cache for their legacy API.

Key numbers.

These numbers represent the value we provided to the business through new enhanced functionality.

Social network effect.

50% of their bookings were made by customers who had opted into the social network (social members).


More than 80% of their social members used the features while traveling.


In the first six weeks post-acquisition (new customers acquired April – September 2022), social members were 4x more likely to be recruited via the App.


Travelers make 1.6x the number of bookings and are twice as likely to make these bookings via the App

Before our involvement.

The customer project’s goal was to develop a platform for solo travelers to socialize before and during a hostel stay. They were introducing several new features, including the “See Who’s Going” option. A visitor would receive information on other people who will stay at the same place at the same time a few days before a scheduled overnight arrival.

To accomplish this part of the project, they needed information on who was staying at the hostel and on what dates. The old implementation, however, was quite slow, and the API was incompatible.

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Team composition.

Work began immediately after one meeting with Product Owners and developers, where they explained what was needed.

The team behind the project consists of 1 Fullstack Developer. Because a client has several teams and multiple Product Owners responsible for delivering projects, a developer on our side was coordinating work with their internal developer.

Progress of the project was presented during demos to the client’s PO, but most of the work was done independently.

Used Technologies.


Process implementation.


Our part of the project was used to simplify access to the client’s API, transform responses, and cleverly cache them.


The client requested the development of a proxy that functions as an overlay capable of retrieving statistics from an endpoint. The proxy converts the data and returns it in the requested form.


Later, other microservices used it to display information about who else stays in the hostel you just ordered.


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The client was very pleased with our work and our contribution to this part of the project. The project as a whole concluded successfully, which the client wrote about on the website and in a special report. Our customer emphasized the visible effectiveness of the “See Who’s Going” feature in the preliminary results announcement.

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