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Bypassing passwords for enhanced security: the HYPR & way

Explore the transformative collaboration between and HYPR in the quest for heightened network security. HYPR, a pioneer in passwordless authentication solutions, aimed to revolutionize user authentication by eliminating traditional passwords. Uncover the challenges, solutions, and successes that unfolded as these entities harnessed talent and cutting-edge technology to fortify cybersecurity measures.

The Client.

Our client provides companies with passwordless authentication solutions for enhanced security. They consider passwords a significant security risk and the root cause of data breaches. Their goal was to eliminate this issue by introducing various mechanisms for user authentication without the need for passwords.


Passwordless Authentication Solutions

Line of business

Network Security

Founding year



100 > employees


Before engaging our services, HYPR faced challenges in finding the right talent to develop their innovative passwordless authentication solutions. The demand for skilled professionals in the United States, where HYPR is based, was high, and most candidates preferred working for large corporations rather than small companies.

Dedicated Team of IT Experts


To address the problem of eliminating passwords for enhanced security, HYPR sought to expand their engineering team. They aimed to hire skilled professionals who could contribute to the development of their authentication solutions. They approached our company to find the best talents.

Skilled Team of IT Professionals Generative AI

Our process.

Initial talks and kickoff

HYPR approached us seeking the best talents for their project. During our discussion, it became clear that they would find those talents right here with us.

Team composition

Our team consisted of five members: full-stack developers proficient in React and Kotlin, backend developers with Kotlin expertise, an Android developer, and an iOS developer. Initially, they brought on board a portion of the team (2 individuals). Once they were satisfied with our employees’ performance and the client had more substantial financial resources, they proceeded to hire the next members of the team.

Technology overlay

HYPR primarily utilizes technologies such as React, Kotlin, Fido, and Fido2 for their passwordless authentication solutions. They also integrate with identity providers like Microsoft Azure and Google. Their product portfolio includes solutions for various platforms, including desktop, Windows, macOS, mobile applications, and server components.

Used Technologies.

Microsoft Azure

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Process implementation outline.

Our team supported both cloud and on-premises installations of HYPR’s solutions. We maintained backward compatibility and ensured seamless version management for their various components. 

Enhanced Security Solutions Implementation Process

We focused on implementing passwordless authentication mechanisms using Fido and Fido2 standards. Additionally, we integrated with major identity providers like Microsoft Azure and Google.

Passwordless Authentication Platform Integration

Our team also worked on creating virtual USB devices to facilitate authentication, a requirement of the Fido2 protocol. Moreover we take part in maintenance stories, and each of us has some maintenance shifts (weekly shifts) while we await incidents and resolve issues.

Virtual USB Device


HYPR successfully expanded their engineering team, addressing their staffing and competence gaps. Their passwordless authentication solutions were improved to offer enhanced security, and integrated with various platforms. They continued to serve some of the largest banks in the United States.

Experienced Engineering Team


Review Quote
We take great pleasure in sharing our high level of satisfaction with the DAC’digital team. We have no plans for any changes in our collaboration and are enthusiastic about the prospect of continuing to work with our exceptionally talented team members

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