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Assets monitoring and management device

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A telematic control unit fully integrated with transport vehicles supports assets monitoring and management. The device can both monitor transport parameters and track vehicle position. Besides data aggregation, BetterBox is also equipped with low-footprint persistence modules to store the measured data.

Our Client

  • Name: Mlekovita – the biggest dairy company in Poland, which is hiring over 5000 employees, have 19 manufacturing plants and is selling their products in 159 countries.
  • Country: Poland




The Company has been dealing with the following issues:

  • confirmation of the number of litres received from the Manufacturer was entered manually on the PZ print,
  • after the route was completed, drivers delivered prints to the Purchase Department, who had to manually enter over 2,000 collections per day into the billing system,
  • all errors arising in the process of typing and rewriting were verified manually at the end of the month,
  • failure to detect the error resulted in a complaint from the Manufacturer and lack of confidence in the Plant,
  • the employee reporting process was not fraud-resistant.


  • The IoT devices were installed and connected to the RS232 port of the computers supporting the pump
  • The quantity and temperature of milk received was sent directly to the cloud after milk collection
  • The value is published immediately in the Transportation Management System available in real-time to the Customer
  • The values are also sent to the billing system

Experience we shared


Data Analytics


The cooperation started with a detailed audit of the equipment was carried out, which had transporters carrying out the process of milk collection.

  • due to the diversity of the truck’s equipment, a set of different firmware has been prepared that supports various data formats sent via the RS232 port,
  • parsers for transmitting information from devices to the Transportation Management System system and to an external billing system were prepared,
  • algorithms recognizing adverse effects (driver errors, abuse) have been introduced.

Delivered value

The company shared the following improvements after the implementation of our solutions:

The process is fully automatic and does not require the participation of dairy workers, manually completed prints have been eliminated.

One employee from the Purchase department who was able to enter receipts manually was moved.

Drivers’ work has been improved.

Fraud has been limited.

Reporting time has been limited.


Review Quote
The benefits of using the equipment in our tank trucks convince us about the quality of the product, as well as the entire cooperation with the DAC team to date. Thanks to them, it is possible to receive information about purchased milk in real-time, which facilitates both planning the collection and controlling the entire process. We perceive DAC as a strategic partner in the area of optimization of the milk purchase and delivery process. The current cooperation with the company is satisfactory and guarantees us software updates on devices, constant support of specialists and service care.
Szczepan Kostro
Head of the Transport Department at Mlekovita

Used Technologies.

Raspberry PI Zero W
Python 2.7
Python 3.7
Flask Framework
Continuous Integration
Continuous Deployment

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