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USAGI2 – system for getting the milk truck configuration

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USAGI2, developed in collaboration with Infineon and Intrasoft, is a system comprising of an onboard computer that connects to an external ontology provider (through Digital Reference Ontology) to get the configuration of a milk truck.

The measurements needed for milk truck configuration are obtained using the onboard computer (the list of measurable variables is extracted from the setup description) and sent to the Ethereum blockchain (to oraclize the data). Oraclize is a service that allows smart contracts to access data from other blockchains and the Internet. The measured data and the hash of the blockchain transaction are communicated to the backend using IDSCP (Industrial Data Spaces Communication Protocol) via the IDS connector, where they were saved in MongoDB and visualised on the front end in real-time.

Milk Truck Configuration System Interface

The milk truck configuration solution: How does it work?

The Data Generation Application (DGA) replicates the operation of a milk truck measuring system. The data is created in JSON format (for the time being) and is provided over IDS to an external consumer, who saves it in the database.

DGA also transmits data to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) connection, which stores it on a Distributed Ledger and provides the transaction hash.

Milk Truck Configuration Solution

Simplified Communication.

The Arrowhead Framework is designed to act as a service discovery interface between the OBC application and the Digital Reference Platform. The sequence may look like this:

  • DRP adds an endpoint to the AHF Service Registry that listens for requests.
  • DGA registers in Service Registry as a consumer and searches for endpoints to which it may connect (in particular – the DRP endpoint)
  • DGA sends queries (one of which is preconfigured) on a regular basis to get the configuration of the nodes based on the kind of vehicle.
  • DRP responds with the requested configuration’s Schema.

DRP also includes an application for visualising in following possible configurations:

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Full Configuration
No GPS Configuration
No Flow Sensor Configuration
No temperature sensor configuration
Only GPS configuration

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