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The challenges of documentation in the maritime sector

The naval transportation industry faces unique challenges. The distribution and validation of paper documents can face delays and other mistakes due to the nature of the industry. Digitisation of the records makes the processes much more efficient and quicker. However, delicate matters need an infallible level of security against 

  • data manipulation, 
  • malware attacks 
  • and other cyber threats.

To ensure protection against data breaches, insider threats and cyber attacks, the security solutions must be free from a single point of failure that could eradicate it. The system would also have to ensure data manipulation is easily detected.

Despite being the backbone of global trade, the maritime industry needs to catch up to digitisation compared to other sectors. Nevertheless, several facets of the naval area have been modernised, and blockchain has found its place among the used solutions.

Therefore, the proposed solution must address multiple issues and stay a few steps ahead of possible cyber threats, unauthorised access, or undetectable data manipulation. Fortunately, we found one that works from various angles and helps to ensure proper authentication.


Using blockchain for data digitisation and protection is an authentication and notarisation solution that bases its work on blockchain. Using blockchain – a modern distributed ledger – allows different parties to record information in a permanent, immutable, tamper-proof, and transparent manner. The data is stored on a decentralised ledger and in a distributed system without the aid of a central authority.

The integrity of the blockchain is secured by trustless consensus algorithms and guarded by cryptography, making it impossible to append or modify historical data illegally. Therefore, blockchain is a decentralised, tamper-proof, immutable, and constantly growing list of cryptographically linked records called blocks.

Digitising the documentation process will help save money, paper and human resources globally. Digitisation in the maritime sector has faced some hindrances on account of security and possible threat concerns. Our solution addresses those issues and reduces worries and vulnerabilities. – a digital notary
solution that revolutionises
security solutions

We developed the framework to help ensure the security of document flow and accelerate digitisation. It can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructures, which makes it easily adaptable across various industries, as it doesn’t require a complete tech stack overhaul. It registers the creation of a specific data stream to ensure that it wasn’t manipulated or altered by suspicious activity or a malicious actor. has two key components: the Secretary and the Notary. The secretary is a proxy agent designed to emulate the target’s endpoint. The secretary uses the same API and technology as the original target, allowing to seamlessly plug into an existing data pipeline on the data consumer’s side. This proxy calculates the hash of the proxied data and seamlessly transfers the unmodified data to the original target endpoint.

The generated hash of the product is, at the same time, then transferred to a queue, where the notary component later handles it. The latter communicates directly with the blockchain infrastructure. It gets the information from the secretary containing the file hash and handles storing it on the blockchain.

Suppose the original data piece is later manipulated. In that case, its hash – or a digital fingerprint –  will inevitably change, resulting in a new hash for this data, unknown to the blockchain, proving that it has been modified and is different from the original.

Since blockchain is a tamperproof solution, once the original fingerprint is stored, it can’t be deleted or modified afterwards.

Critical takeaways

Significant reduction of unnecessary costs

Blockchain adoption rate is closely related to its understanding by the end-uses

It is essential to lower the entry barrier for non-blockchain savvy end-users and organisations

To boost adoption, applications should be capable of seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure

It is essential to raise awareness among maritime companies and stakeholders that it is possible to reap benefits from blockchain solutions such as without having the advanced technical know-how of blockchain/DLT


  • Name: 0101.Games
  • Line of business: blockchain and NFT technologies
  • Founding year: 2020
  • Size: start-up
  • Country: Israel


0101.Games encountered a challenge in realizing their goal of establishing a virtual collection of digital assets for sale as NFTs due to their limited human resources and knowledge.


To address the challenge, a team of experts was brought together, including a Senior Blockchain Developer and Frontend Developer, and DevOps Engineer.

Technology stack for building an NFT marketplace

  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Solidity
  • React
  • IPFS
  • Piniata

Image source: 

NFT technology

Unlocking NFT potential with blockchain expertise

Despite having a complete design, the customer needed a reliable partner to assist with the entire development process, from building a web app to managing smart contracts, including minting and auctions. The client required an experienced team to help them execute their vision and make it a reality.
Early planning in the blockchain project

At the start of the project, 0101.Games held a series of 2-3 meetings with’s team to explain the product’s mission, target business model, and introduce their team. 

Building the essential team for the NFT project built a team with a Senior Blockchain and Frontend Developer, and a DevOps Engineer, to ensure the project’s success.

Through effective communication and a deep understanding of the project requirements, our team was able to contribute their expertise and resources to deliver a successful outcome for the client. The responsibility of project coordination was entrusted to our team as they preferred not to have their own Project Manager. We worked as an independent team in close cooperation with the customer.

Technology stack for building an NFT marketplace

Our team used a combination of advanced technologies to bring our customer’s project to life. We selected Polygon (MATIC) as the optimal network, wrote smart contracts in Solidity, and built the front end using React. To store and serve NFT assets, we relied on IPFS and Piniata.

Blockchain software development
Review Quote
We found the workflow between our team and to be highly efficient and effective. We had clear expectations and requirements, and they were able to understand and meet those demands. Communication was excellent throughout the project, and we were very pleased with the final results.
Yaron Schwarcz
Co-owner of 0101.Games

Choosing the right crypto network for the NFT project

After several meetings with, the customer, the design was passed on to our team, so we began the execution phase. During this critical period, we had a detailed discussion with a client regarding the most fitting cryptocurrency network for our project launch. Collaborating closely, we eventually decided on Polygon (MATIC), which we believed to be the optimal choice for this project. delivers successful completion of the blockchain project delivered the entire project within two months. Due to the customer’s request to receive the entire project at the end instead of dividing it into several deadlines,’s team was able to deliver on time and within budget, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to meeting our client’s needs.

Review Quote
We were blown away by the quality of the product that delivered. It was exactly what we had imagined, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Yaron Schwarcz
Co-owner of 0101.Games

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    Bitbond is a leading software service provider offering bank-grade tokenization and digital asset technology. The company has conducted Europe’s first security token offering. In 2019 it was approved by BaFin, the German financial regulator. Since then, Bitbond has offered asset tokenization technology and services to financial institutions. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.
    Business domain/experience we shared .
    Mobile application development Prod eng and UI/UX design
    Web3 wallet integration

    Problem & Solution

    • Short timeframe to deliver the MVP,
    • Looking for a partner who will take over the project end-to-end,
    • Strong need for a smooth handover process after development.
    • Providing the team capable of delivering the end-to-end solution,
    • Adjusting the workflow to a short timeframe,
    • Keeping the Client close in the loop to make sure we are meeting the expectations.



    Due to a short timeframe, we’ve immediately established an efficient a quick communication channel with the client.

    The client has received the pricing estimation one week after the first conversation,

    Our team has started with UX/UI based on the results of the workshop with the designer and the client.

    We’ve introduced daily alignments with the client over Slack.

    Our team worked in two weeks sprints.

    We’ve run a dynamic multistage development and implementation to meet the deadline; the product went live as soon as possible and subsequent iterations were built atop of the MVP.

    Delivered value.

    • The MVP was delivered one month after signing the contract,
    • The high quality of the delivered solution was maintained despite a concise timeframe,
    • The Client has met their internal deadline and business goals,
    Review Quote
    Your team is doing a great job, working fast, and always seems to understand what we need and deliver high quality. I’m happy that we managed to deploy the create token functionality to production on time. It was an important milestone.
    I feel like all people you brought on to the project are competent and know what they are doing. I like the quality that is being delivered
    You put a lot of attention on us, which I appreciate. I’m very optimistic about our cooperation 🙂
    Radko Albrecht
    Founder, and CEO at Bitbond

    Find out more about our collaboration with Bitbond

    Watch the interview with Bitbond’s founder and CEO – Radoslav Albrecht
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    Used Technologies.

    EVM compatible networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain
    Wallets: Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet

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    Our Client

    Eldro – The company carries out innovative technological projects and develops original IT solutions for managing technical infrastructure and maintenance services.


    With progressing digitization, more and more decision-making processes are data-dependent. We must be able to guarantee that this data can be trusted. Its source must be unquestionable, in-transit tamper-resistance, and the entire data flow and decision process must be auditable.


    Our solution is built with intuitive user interfaces and an end-to-end chain of trust and scalability in mind. By design, this is technology agnostic. We provide a framework with the freedom to choose and deploy the most suitable stack rather than forcing a user to utilize a particular blockchain or a storage solution.

    Experience we shared

    Blockchain technologies
    Data notarization

    Process & Solution


    Our technology has been implemented in three POCs across three different industries, proving the technology’s flexibility.


    We have a technology stack for DLT-based notarization of existing data and data ingestion streams with a clear decoupling of trust and persistence layers. Organizations can, therefore, benefit from the immutability and tamper-resistance of the distributed ledgers without data throughput limitations typical of permissionless DLTs.

    The platform has a modular architecture with standardized APIs between its core services. It simplifies the process of plugging in new components that can:

    • provide interfaces to different storage systems,
    • facilitate connectivity with different DLTs, and
    • provide support for various data producers.

    It can be plugged into existing infrastructures without significant changes, limiting the time and cost of implementation.

    We abstract the technical complexities and nuances of the DLT ecosystem to help with the onboarding of the rest of the world. Our solution is built with intuitive user interfaces and an end-to-end chain of trust and scalability in mind. By design, this is technology agnostic. We provide a framework with the freedom to choose and deploy the most suitable stack rather than forcing a user to utilize a particular blockchain or a storage solution.

    Delivered value.

    Work Evidence Reporting – Maintenance crews can send images to document the servicing job with their mobile devices. The images are sent directly to the infrastructure operator, and their hash is notarized on the blockchain. In the case of a dispute, all involved parties will validate the attachments.


    Review Quote
    Around 40% of our contractual fines can be easily avoided with the help of data notarization. This technology became an integral part of our maintenance process and now is our new definition of work done.
    Pawel Piechowiak
    CEO of Eldro

    Used Technologies.


    Other implementations

    Insurance Evidence Authentication – When signing an insurance policy with new clients, insurance agents must document the vehicle’s condition. We provide a blockchain-based, secure, and tamper-proof platform that enables the clients to provide digital evidence to the brokers using their smartphones.

    Space Imagery Authentication – With Distributed Ledger Technology, we add a trust layer on top of satellite imagery, serving as input data for the earth analytics platform. Thanks to the DLT implementation, platform users will always verify if the information provided is generated from a sound and trustworthy source.

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    The transport, shipping and logistics industry is, by nature, connects multiple participants with opposing interests. For example, contractual fines caused bylate delivery of merchandise or damaged goods will be a benefit for one party and a disadvantage for the other.

    Transport, shipping and logistics (TSL) industry most pressing issues:

    Transportation payment and dispute resolution – Average Days Sales Outstanding in trucking reaches 36.9 days. Payment automation resulting from smart contract reduces payment delays and disputes

    Administrative costs – the cost of document processing and administration reaches 20% of the costs of transportation according to Maersk and IBM.

    Improvement of freight monitoring and quality control – Cold chain monitoring is a serious challenge for the pharmaceutical industry where 8.5% of global shipments are sensitive to temperature deviations. In some countries, this number reaches 20%.

    Transparency and trust – cargo thefts alone are estimated to $30 billion annually worldwide.

    Experience we shared

    Data Analytics

    Enterprise Integration


    Trusted Business Logic Automation using Smart Contracts and supply chain oraclization for TSL industry.

    We understand Blockchain (distributed ledger) as a modern version of a centuries-old ledger. It enables multiple parties – who often don’t know or trust one another – to record information in a permanent, immutable, tamper-proof and transparent manner on a decentralized digital ledger and on a distributed system without the aid of a central authority. The integrity of the blockchain is secured by trustless consensus algorithms and guarded by cryptography making it impossible to illegally append or modify historical data.

    A smart contract is a computer program running on the blockchain. When enhanced with trusted external data input (oracles), it can facilitate negotiations, verify terms of service fulfillment and enforce the execution of an arrangement between two or more parties.

    Oracles (hardware) are verified and trusted data providers that help with bridging the gap between the blockchain and the events taking place outside of the distributed ledger context.

    Some examples may include:

    • Currency or exchange tickers provisioned by third party service
    • Weather data
    • Data provided by IoT and IIoT sensors

    Sensor (HW) oracles are fundamental for the digitization of industrial processes.

    A combination of blockchain, smart contracts and oracles in case of TSL industry leads to a great improvement of business processes resulting in cost reduction and time saving. Additionally, the trusted data collection and storage brings a wide variety of opportunities for value chain efficiency improvement as a big amount of data becomes available for analysis.

    Delivered value

    Trust and fraud detection

    With a single shipment oftentimes involving over 20 parties with roughly 200 interactions between them, there are numerous opportunities for dishonest behavior. These include:

    • paperwork manipulation,
    • shipment counterfeiting,
    • fabricating data about cargo condition,
    • goods theft,
    • requesting fines under a false pretext.

    With our solution companies can detect and combat fraud by tracking and validating every step of the supply chain process, benefiting both the buyer and manufacturer.

    Provenance tracking

    Trustworthy and detailed product lineage process can quickly help with:

    • identifying parties impacted by recalls,
    • locating faulty batches,
    • providing proof that a product was sustainably grown or manufactured.

    Great examples include both Walmart and the Australian meat industry using blockchain to record and track information about beef or IBM helping with tracking of ethically sourced coffee.

    Enhanced data visibility and transparency

    Telematics, IoT, RFID, NFC tags and similar technologies are already improving the TLS industry, but the collected data is siloed across the organizations in the delivery chain. Utilizing blockchain technology provides:

    • access to the same data by all parties,
    • real-time information acquisition,
    • permanent data storage,
    • tamper-proof information,
    • tracking modifications to stored data.

    By reducing the analog gaps, DLT can help with gaining an insight into where the shipment currently is, predict arrival times and help drive cost reduction.

    Used Technologies.


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    The measurements are obtained using the onboard computer (the list of measurable variables is extracted from the setup description) and sent to the Ethereum blockchain (to oraclize the data). Oraclize is a service that allows smart contracts to access data from other blockchains and the Internet. The measured data and the hash of the blockchain transaction are communicated to the backend using IDSCP (Industrial Data Spaces Communication Protocol) via the IDS connector, where they were saved in MongoDB and visualised on the front end in real-time.

    Streamlining Dairy Industry with MuuMap: A Digital Revolution

    The Solution: How does it work?

    The Data Generation Application (DGA) replicates the operation of a milk truck measuring system. The data is created in JSON format (for the time being) and is provided over IDS to an external consumer, who saves it in the database.

    DGA also transmits data to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) connection, which stores it on a Distributed Ledger and provides the transaction hash.

    USAGI2 |

    Simplified Communication.

    The Arrowhead Framework is designed to act as a service discovery interface between the OBC application and the Digital Reference Platform. The sequence may look like this:

    • DRP adds an endpoint to the AHF Service Registry that listens for requests.
    • DGA registers in Service Registry as a consumer and searches for endpoints to which it may connect (in particular – the DRP endpoint)
    • DGA sends queries (one of which is preconfigured) on a regular basis to get the configuration of the nodes based on the kind of vehicle.
    • DRP responds with the requested configuration’s Schema.

    DRP also includes an application for visualising in following possible configurations:

    Full Configuration
    No GPS Configuration
    No Flow Sensor Configuration
    No temperature sensor configuration
    Only GPS configuration

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    Case Studies.

    Our Client

    Rohlig-Suus – a Polish-German logistics company with a global reach.




    Based on surveys and case studies the direct cost related to loss and theft of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) ranges between 10-30% of the pool of registered items. In total, plastic pallet and container loss within the U.S. is estimated to be between $800M and $1.5B annually,  based on surveys in America. In the rest of the world, the percentage of losses will not deviate much.


    Our goal was to provide an automated RTIs circulation ecosystem allowing participants of the supply chain to exchange information about their returnable packaging (e.g. pallets) balance without sharing the sensitive information with others (e.g. who are the suppliers, how much goods each company buys/sells, etc.). Taking into consideration the number of participants in the supply chain involved in RTIs circulation within one ecosystem, the immutability of the data in the system is important. We designed a system meeting all challenges thanks to blockchain technology. 

    The main objectives of BARTI

    Limiting the number of kilometers driven by trucks to collect and transport empty RTIs withing one logistics ecosystem. 

    Providing the privacy of the sensitive business data within the supply chain during the RTI circulation process. 

    Abstracting the DLT complexities and providing a technology-agnostic system for non-DLT users.


    How does it work?


    The operator of the returnable packaging exchange manages DLT.

    Shippers and hauliers register electronic pallet receipts on a common DLT chain.

    Producers and chains register PULL and PUSH transactions and place orders for new pallets and returnable packaging.

    Producers of returnable packaging and pallets provide new elements to the system, reacting to information about damaged and providing new ones with the growing demand

    How is Blockchain technology used in BARTI?

    Blockchain implementation in the described solution brings the following values:

    automated contract execution,

    autonomous dispute resolution,

    fewer paper documents,

    improvement of freight monitoring, 

    continuous and trusted data exchange between partners,

    real-time access to confirmed information about RTI balance.

    Technical challenges solved

    Blockchain reading performance in high velocity, large volume context.

    Using of off-chain indexing services to handle read operations for the UI.

    Migration part from private to public ledgers.

    Hiding the blockchain layer from the less tech-verse users.

    BlockIS storage enabler application analysis and plan.

    Review Quote
    We have signed with a commercial collaboration agreement on the future joint development of the product. The system will be developed to serve not only Rohlig Suus but also our customers.
    Piotr Chmielewski
    Member of the Board at Rohlig Suus

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