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Data notarization – blockchain-based data trust platform

Data notarization – blockchain-based data trust platform
A blockchain-based, plug-and-play, and non-intrusive data trust platform designed to provide incontestable trust in remote interaction, with applications across a number of verticals, most notably in InsurTech, FinTech, and RegTech space.


The company carries out innovative technological projects and develops original IT solutions for managing technical infrastructure and maintenance services.
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Data notarization


With progressing digitization, more and more decision-making processes are data-dependent. We must be able to guarantee that this data can be trusted. Its source must be unquestionable, in-transit tamper-resistance, and the entire data flow and decision process must be auditable.


We have a technology stack for DLT-based notarization of existing data and data ingestion streams with a clear decoupling of trust and persistence layers. Organizations can, therefore, benefit from the immutability and tamper-resistance of the distributed ledgers without data throughput limitations typical of permissionless DLTs.

The platform has a modular architecture with standardized APIs between its core services. It simplifies the process of plugging in new components that can:

  • provide interfaces to different storage systems,
  • facilitate connectivity with different DLTs, and
  • provide support for various data producers.

It can be plugged into existing infrastructures without significant changes, limiting the time and cost of implementation.

We abstract the technical complexities and nuances of the DLT ecosystem to help with the onboarding of the rest of the world. Our solution is built with intuitive user interfaces and an end-to-end chain of trust and scalability in mind. By design, this is technology agnostic. We provide a framework with the freedom to choose and deploy the most suitable stack rather than forcing a user to utilize a particular blockchain or a storage solution.


Our technology has been implemented in three POCs across three different industries, proving the technology’s flexibility.

Delivered value.

Work Evidence Reporting – Maintenance crews can send images to document the servicing job with their mobile devices. The images are sent directly to the infrastructure operator, and their hash is notarized on the blockchain. In the case of a dispute, all involved parties will validate the attachments.


Review Quote
Around 40% of our contractual fines can be easily avoided with the help of data notarization. This technology became an integral part of our maintenance process and now is our new definition of work done.
Pawel Piechowiak
CEO of Eldro

Used Technologies.


Other implementations.

Insurance Evidence Authentication – When signing an insurance policy with new clients, insurance agents must document the vehicle’s condition. We provide a blockchain-based, secure, and tamper-proof platform that enables the clients to provide digital evidence to the brokers using their smartphones.

Space Imagery Authentication – With Distributed Ledger Technology, we add a trust layer on top of satellite imagery, serving as input data for the earth analytics platform. Thanks to the DLT implementation, platform users will always verify if the information provided is generated from a sound and trustworthy source.

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