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Published: 05/06/2023

Monthly Recap – May activities and events at

May recap

What a month May was! It provided various activities and events where we could share our knowledge and expertise and meet as a team. Grab your snacks, sit back, and read our recap of May!

Annual Meeting in Pomlewo

The most exciting event that happened this month was the Annual Meeting! DACteam gathered in Pomlewo, in Hotel Kozi Gród, to spend a whole weekend together, meet new faces, and present projects we had worked on since the last year.

Every one of the presentations provided insights into the hard work that our team had done in a very creative way. If you know us, the word ordinary doesn’t exist in dictionary!

The main star of the Saturday evening was one and only Czesław Mozil. Thank you for the amazing performance! Also, the parties, games, and shared activities were full of laughter and joy. The openness and willingness to spend time together created unforgettable moments that will stay with us for a long time.

Take a look at the photos from this fantastic weekend!

Wolves Summit in Wrocław

On the 23rd and 25th of May, we were in Wrocław at Wolves SummitJustyna Pelc, Head of Community, Monika Dawidowicz, Senior Communications Manager, and Marcin Połulich, General Manager of DAC.DeepTech, were there to represent 

It was w 3-day full of investment, networking, corporate innovation challenges, and themed-stage tracks. What was new this year were the curated workshops and ecosystem side events, a series of events to advance the conversation on building a resilient one-tech ecosystem in CEE. 

Monika has done amazingly well as a host and Justyna as a judge for the Space and AI startups! On the other hand, Marcin had an opportunity to talk about deep-tech during the discussion panel “Key challenges deep-tech startups need to tackle.” 

DACtour Wrocław 

Do you remember our DACtour in Warsaw in March? It is a series of meetings in different cities that seek to bring together members and allow them to get to know each other better. The second edition took place in Wrocław this month!

DACteam gathered to coworking together, and after a productive day, it was time for well-deserved relaxation and fun at the Browar Stu Mostów, where we learned about the process of creating their famous drinks.

Of course, it’s not the end of the DACtour series! Stay tuned for the upcoming tours that we will continue across Poland.

Are you interested in joining us? Check out the open positions.

Transport Logistics in Munich 

In May, we were also active in various international events. Radosław Szmit and Michał Mroczkiewicz were at transport logistics 2023 – a logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management exhibition. It is one of the industry platforms where the most crucial issues today are discussed, and the opportunity for innovation is highlighted.

Radek and Michał were there to talk about’s flagship logistics product MuuMap, and share our knowledge and experience. It was also an opportunity to network and meet potential partners.

We are aware of the importance of the logistics sector, and that’s why we dedicated the first edition of DAC10 to this industry. Check out our list of 10 innovative companies in the transportation and mobility sector here.

See how we adapted IoT in the MuuMap system.

Visit the website

Endeavor Catalyst Investor Meeting

At the begging of the month, Przemysław Szleter, CEO of, and Krzysztof Radecki, our CTO, attended the Endeavor Catalyst 2023 Investor Meeting in San Francisco. The event was a great opportunity to listen to experts in various fields and discuss the significant trends shaping emerging market businesses. The main topics were about the future of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, and Venture Capital. 

Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies for 2023 by Clutch

We ended May with another success! We were ranked 19th overall, 5th in Poland, and 2nd in Artificial Intelligence in Clutch’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies for 2023. This list compiles businesses with a profound second-order impact worldwide thanks to the delivered projects. Recognized companies achieved the highest revenue growth rate from 2021 to 2022.

Thank You, Clutch, for including us on the list! Also, thank you to the DACteam, for everyone’s hard work on the AI projects. We couldn’t have done it without you.

WOŚP auction – Lecture about Space by Justyna Pelc

Sharing our knowledge with others is what we enjoy. You may recall that we participated in the WOŚP auction in January, and one of our bids was fulfilled this month! Justyna Pelc spoke about Mars in one of Gdynia’s elementary schools. 

Everyone was fascinated with the subject and had unusual questions. How would you respond to the question of whether the white hole exists?

Workshops in Berlin

We ended the events part of May in Berlin. Krzysztof Radecki and Marcin Połulich were there to lead a workshop for startups. The topic of the meeting was “Tech Product Roadmap – how to build a product development roadmap by startups”.

Radek and Marcin shared their expertise and insights and focused on essential elements for every product’s roadmap – problem and customer. They presented this topic based on’s own product, MuuMap. There were also plenty of practical exercises.

Przemysław Szleter’s Forbes and Newsletter activities 

Every month new publications appear on Przemysław Szleter’s Forbes and Linkedin profiles regularly. Our CEO shared his expertise in two articles this month: 

Besides that, he was also active on LinkedIn with the newsletter “Let’s Dive into DeepTech.” Check out the topics Przemek discussed there: 

Kotlin Crew Community Talks

Our Kotlin Crew group is growing! For every one new here – Kotlin Crew is a space for all of Kotlin’s passionates – you can share your experience, knowledge, and ideas about this unique programming language. 

In May, we shared a lot of new content on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube profiles. Below is the latest interview with our host Monika Dawidowicz and the guest Nishant Aanjaney Jalan, a software developer with extensive experience with Kotlin, Java, and more. Nishant is sharing his tips on how to learn Kotlin and have fun on the way, what websites to use if you want to start problem-solving with Kotlin (and other languages) instead of just being stuck in a loop of learning, and more advice for beginners!

What’s going to happen next month?

June is already here, so we want to invite you to our Computer Vision Community MeetUp! The business breakfast will be held in Berlin on the 22nd of June. What do you gain by attending the event?

  1. Unique knowledge
    Find out the latest information on computer vision technology based on project experience.
  2. Network development
    Get to know the community around computer vision technology and build your network.
  3. Free consultation with experts
    Do you have an innovative idea and seek specialist advice? You have the opportunity for free technology & business consultation with our experts.

Don’t hesitate and register for the event! You can find the details about the MeetUp in our blog post.

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