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Published: 02/11/2023

"Let's Dive into Deep Tech" Newsletter by Przemysław Szleter

A little introduction to the creator of the newsletter and our CEO

Przemek Szleter is the founder and CEO of with over 16 years of professional experience as a Business & IT Executive. He holds MSc-level degrees in tech and business gained at universities in the UK and Poland. He received the title of Master of Transformation in the 2nd edition of the Master of Innovative Transformation competition and won an award in the Bridges to Future 2022 competition for significant contributions to science.

Unique newsletter that has answers to your questions

This newsletter aims to answer this important question: How do you transform your business into the next big thing with technologies that will shake up the future? He is referring, of course, to deep tech technologies. Interested? Here you have an index of all previous editions.

The application of AI has grown exponentially in recent years, offering multiple advantages to virtually every commercial industry. As with any cutting-edge technology, concerns about potential abuse are inevitable. This issue investigates who is to blame for the inappropriate application of artificial intelligence. 

Deeptech encompasses a wide range of technologies: AI, robotics, and biotechnology, to name a few. However, several areas are under-discussed, even though they have significant business potential. Przemek describes five of the most exciting and promising articles in this article.

Przemek shares some information about the investment landscape and business prospects of BCIs in Central Eastern Europe and highlights the most promising companies in the field.

The space sector’s development will determine the pace at which we progress into the future: reusable and next-generation rockets, communication and earth observation satellites, in-space transportation, in-space manufacturing, and debris removal. Each field opens up new avenues for exploration and innovation in deep tech. As the CEO of a company with innovative and cutting-edge technology rooted deeply in its DNA, he strongly encourages you to explore the subject.

The journey of an entrepreneur in general, and a deep tech entrepreneur in particular, goes through various phases. From initiation to growth to exit, different motivations drive an entrepreneurial journey. Przemek connects the dots of the mile markers in his journey for this issue to show how small directional changes can orient your’s ventures overall outcomes. 

The DNA of innovation is also changing. Most companies invest in R&D through third parties, which gives ample scope for new deep tech and R&D-focused businesses to make inroads into the market. My team and I had prioritized R&D and innovation even before I co-founded the company. We got some things right and learned from everything that didn’t go so right. Through this issue of my newsletter, I am sharing what we learned that, if implemented, could benefit you in building an R&D-focused business from the ground up. 

Since the first R&D initiative was involved in, we have worked closely with academia and made conscious efforts to improve our collaboration with the scientific field representatives. In this issue, Przemek talks about some guidelines we’ve collected based on our research and experience in this area.

Integrating robotics and computer vision has led to significant advancements in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and autonomous vehicles, and it will still expand even further. Przemek covers four trends in computer vision that have a crucial impact on the future of robotics.

Computer Vision technology, which enables computers to interpret and understand visual information, has opened up new possibilities for enhancing security measures. This issue covers three trends in computer vision that have a crucial impact on the future of cybersecurity.

MedTech creates better, more advanced, and less invasive treatment options, which favor reducing the duration of hospital stay and requirements for rehabilitation. Przemek describes here three trends in computer vision that have a crucial impact on the future of MedTech.

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