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AI and Business Intelligence

  • Automation at scale
  • Holistic Insights
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better decision making
Efficient Systems

General AI Methods

  • Multi-criteria optimization
  • Graph optimization
  • Agent methods
  • Artificial Neural Networks

AI and Computer Vision

  • General-purpose image processing
  • 3D reconstruction, multi-camera processing
  • Visual and model-based tracking
  • Embedded image processing

AI technology consulting

  • AI integration planning and implementation
  • AIOps
  • Pilot project documentation
  • AI application deployment

Artificial Intelligence.  

As a business, one of the top priorities is to maximize the efficiency of each available resource. Artificial Intelligence proves vital in such optimization, and the basis of AI technologies is getting “smarter” over time. Hence, they keep getting better and better at what they do. Limitless possibilities lay ahead of your business with AI technologies.
Interesting fact on AI for businesses

According to Gartner, within the next three years, 10% of organizations optimizing their AI engineering practices will reap at least three times more value from their AI efforts than 90% of the organizations that would not have done so! The time to decide is now. Where would your business be? Among the 10% or the 90%?


How AI can help your business

A recent Mckinsey report describes AI as a moving target for businesses. Mere adoption is not good enough. Instead, complete optimization would help companies take a better aim at achieving desired results. Some of the areas where AI adoption has seen the most increase recently are service-operations optimization, enhancement of products and services based on AI, contact-center automation, predictive service and intervention, customer-service analytics, risk modeling, fraud and debt analytics, and new AI-based products. In such a rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence landscape, new business use cases arise each day. For your business to excel, it’s worth exploring and pursuing your personalized AI use cases. AI can help your business grow, and we are here to help you unlock its potential.


AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations)

It is bringing together human and artificial intelligence, a blend of machine efficiency, precision, and scalability, with a human touch. It is what AIOps stands for in IT development. By using Big Data, analytics, and advanced machine learning, AIOps helps to enhance and optimize IT operations, including but not limited to automation, monitoring, event correlation, cause determination, anomaly detection, service desk, etc. 

Why is this so important, you wonder? The growing complexity of different layers of technologies that form the backbone of IT and the increased set of dependencies between different technologies and rapidly growing business services are beyond the point of comprehension for humans. We need a machine to intervene and make it convenient for us. 



Does OpenAI take the responsibility for ChatGPT abuse?

We asked this question ChatGPT itself. Check it and read’s opinion on it by downloading this document:

    What level of responsibility does OpenAI take for ChatGPT abuse?




    Are you curious about the level of responsibility that OpenAI bears for ChatGPT misuse?

    Concerned about the potential security and business consequences of using generative AI technology?

    Look no further!




    Our Team of experts.

    As a leading service provider of emerging technologies, DAC’s team of experts is at the forefront of AI technology development and its application for businesses. We follow a meticulous and systematic approach that makes the journey fruitful and productive for both parties. Our team has worked on several projects involving AI, such as computational intelligence in sports predictive intelligence, automation of vehicles, road network mapping, and end-to-end technology stack to secure AI training processes and protect models from malicious changes in data (AI poisoning).



    Our team strives to embed innovation in every phase of product development, from the first strategy at the launch to maintenance at the end. Our clients interested in AI solutions can benefit from free discovery workshops conducted by our in-house experts. They also help identify appropriate solutions and roadmap for achieving your technical goals. 

    Although AI has been around for some time, its horizon for real business applications has skyrocketed. In such a scenario, your business can gain manifolds with the perfect integration of AI technologies. Our team, primarily focused on innovation and R&D, is equipped to provide quality solutions for the smooth incorporation of AI in your processes, products, or services, as required. From Exploration, Evaluation to Execution, our 3Es give you hassle-proof and timely results. 

    Krzysztof Radecki Krzysztof Radecki CTO,


    The global market size of AI, currently in 2022, is estimated to be USD 387.45 billion, and it is expected to grow by USD 1,394.30 billion by 2029. Nearly 2/3rd of companies are deploying AI solutions to have a competitive edge in the market.


    Compound annual growth in market size till 2029


    The potential contribution of AI to the global economy by 2030


    using AI believe their work becomes easier

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