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Published: 05/10/2022

Monthly recap: September events and activities at

September at

September at was very busy. We were present at various events, such as SoDA Conference, Memex Berlin, and IAC 2022 in Paris, but we also found time for a well-deserved rest during the team-building trip. Let’s take a look at what September’s events were like for the team.

SoDA Conference 2022

We are very pleased to announce that has won the SoDA Award 2022! SoDA is an organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland, and the award recognizes IT industry leaders in categories such as exports, growth, social utility, and support for developer education. We were victorious in two categories: growth and export. Radosław Szmit, Head of Growth, and Bartosz Dąbrowski, Business Development Manager, were in Wrocław to represent at the conference and to receive the statuette. 

This year has been a great success for We achieved a 700% increase in sales, and in 2021 we achieved a 12-fold increase in exports of our services compared to 2020. Such a large increase is the result of huge internal changes in the team, so winning this award would not have been possible without the hard work of our people.

SoDA Award 2022

Memex Berlin 2022

Memex Berlin 2022 couldn’t be left out of our September events schedule, and just like last year – we were there. The topic of the 2022 edition was “The Human Face and Experience Research” and was chosen to symbolize all aspects of visible and invisible human communication. The Memex conference was a great opportunity to hear speakers from different areas of research, business, and art, who took on the creative task of individually interpreting the theme of human experience in context.

The was represented by Justyna Pelc, our Head of Community; Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, Krzysztof Radecki, our CTO, Przemysław Szleter, CEO of, and Bartosz Andrzejewski, Business Development Manager.

This was the first conference in the series, which we will continue in Gdańsk on October 6. For more information, visit the Memex Poland website!

International Dairy Cooperatives Forum

We were once again present at the International Dairy Cooperatives Forum! The International Dairy Cooperatives Forum is the largest dairy industry event in Central and Eastern Europe. The Dairy Cooperatives Forum is an event that consists of two days of lectures and panel discussions on the topics such as the dairy industry, green deal, and ecology. The event gathers industry experts from the European Union, New Zealand, and the United States. was represented by Damian Derebecki, our COO, and Adam Strużyński, Product Owner. They were promoting MuuMap, our system for optimizing raw milk collection. As a bronze partner, we are proud to participate in this event. This was an excellent opportunity to attend the lectures in order to learn more about the current market situation from a broader perspective while consolidating existing and establishing new relationships with representatives of Polish dairies.

We are looking forward to next year’s edition in September 2023.

Code of Conduct at Sea and in Space Conference

One of the topics on which conducted a study case is Blockchain – and thanks to an invitation from the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster, our CTO, Krzysztof Radecki, was able to spread the word on this topic at the Code of Conduct at Sea and in Space conference held at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk. This conference is one of a series of meetings organized in cooperation with the Space Science Commission together with the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster.

Krzysztof spoke about Blockchain as a data trust layer for the space industry and introduced – our digital data notary. creates a seal of trust for any type of data (documents, images, videos, etc.) and can be used to notarize digital signatures of satellite images to create an indisputable proof of when and where the image was taken. This technology is designed to connect to any existing data pipeline and requires no changes to the existing architecture.

If you are interested to know more about blockchain technology and how we use it, read about it here. You are also welcome to check out website.

IAC 2022

The International Astronautical Congress in Paris was another space-related event. The theme of the 73rd edition of the event was “Space for @ll”. This year’s mission was to unite all communities that can engage in or benefit from space activities. IAC gave us the opportunity to make new contacts and potential partnerships.

This time, Artur Skrzynecki and Justyna Pelc represented the team. In addition to, Justyna is also a Director of Strategy at Space Robotics Society and co-founder of Innspace. We couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job.

The Congress ran from 18 to 22 September and was full of workshops, exhibitions, and meetings, which was an opportunity to seek partners for R&D projects and identify topics where we could provide expertise.

IAC 2022

ESA Industry Space Days 2022

After IAC, Justyna and Marek Tatara, our Chief Scientific Officer, head to another event. This time in the Netherlands – at ESA Industry Space Days. The European Space Agency has invited members of the space community to attend Industry Space Days in Noordwijk. 

Key elements of this year’s event include 1-on-1 meetings, panel discussions, an exhibition with ESA and industry booths, and also ESA presentations and workshops on business opportunities…. As at IAC, Industry Space Days allowed to seek partnerships for new projects. 

Team-building trip in Tuchola Forest National Park

Most of our September events and trips were business-related. Rest is much needed for balance in life and to recharge the batteries before the next months of work. That’s why DAC.the digital team went on a 3-day trip to the Tuchola Forest National Park. What did we do? Campfire, karaoke, swimming in the lake, and, of course, the main point of the program – kayaking.

We started our trip from Gdańsk and left for our resort near Charzykowskie lake – Ośrodek Mikomania. For the team, the party already began on the road. After arriving at our destination and unpacking, a campfire with yummy food was already waiting for us. We spent the evening with DAC’s edition of the Wheel of fortune.

The best recipe for a team-building trip is to find interesting group activities, so the second day was all about kayaking. We started our canoe trip from the resort and swam through Charzykowy lake. Our stop was at Swornegacie for a lunch break. The weather was not really pleasing, but the views and great company repay us for it. The evening was a time for grilling and another portion of fun – we ended our team-building trip with tasty food and karaoke.

After a Saturday full of excitement, Sunday was time to return. Something tells us that we will remember this event for a long time. We can’t wait for our next events and trips!

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