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Published: 04/05/2023

Monthly recap: April events and activities at


Spring has come to! We have been at many events and conferences this month, and many happened behind doors too.

Let’s recap all of the activities at in April. Grab your snack and read in!

Kotlin Crew Community

We could only start this recap by presenting our newly created Kotlin Community – Kotlin Crew! It’s a space for all of Kotlin’s passionates – you can share your experience, knowledge, and ideas about this unique programming language. 

We will also post about Kotlin – you can expect valuable and concrete knowledge in various forms. The first posts are already up!

We are active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t hesitate and join our Kotlin Community.



April was the month that also started the DAC10 – a curated list of 10 innovative companies in various industries. We firmly believe that like-minded, innovation-driven thinking needs adequate exposure. You can expect uploads about innovative businesses once a quarter. 

The first edition is all about transportation and mobility – an industry poised for significant changes in the future. You can find and sign up for the DAC10 newsletter here. ⬇

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The submission period is ongoing right now. If you want to submit your company, contact us at: [email protected]!

Warsaw IT Days 

Many happened behind the door, but we were also active in various conferences and events! At the begging of April, Michał Affek, Embedded Machine Learning Researcher, and Jan Glinko, Machine Learning Researcher, represented during the Warsaw IT Days.

IT Warsaw Days is a rich agenda of several hundred speeches and the largest parallel IT and data science job fair for students and professionals in Poland. The event covers all key areas, including trends in technology, testing, big data, hardware, IoT, security, game development, VR, UX, and more. 

Michał discussed the topic of data processing on remote edge devices in his presentation “Satellite on-board data processing.” On the other hand, Jan talked about “Meta-learning for fast Neutral Network fine-tuning” at the online part of the conference. 

You can see in the photos that the presentations enjoy great interest!

“Software Development Insights” presented by Radosław Szmit 

Are you seeking even more knowledge and expert insights? We got you. Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, also started his very own weekly newsletter. 

“Software Development Insight” has already three issues live! You can read about the real cost comparison of outsourcing vs. in-house developers. Many more are coming every Tuesday!

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Future Crunch Conference

You could also meet us in Warsaw at Future Crunch Conference

The event is culminating in the TeenCrunch Foundation’s accelerator program. It gathered ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals interested in learning about the potential of emerging technologies and how to create innovative businesses and products.

Monika Dawidowicz, our Senior Communications Manager, has the pleasure of moderating the first Future panel: “The Impact of virtual reality on the Shape and Role of Media for a multigenerational society.” Marketing and Community teams members were there to listen and support!

Przemysław Szleter in Forbes Technology Council publications

CEO of, Przemysław Szleter continues spreading his expertise on the page of Forbes. Przemek gives insights in the Forbes Experts Panel on two topics this month: 

Besides that, Przemek shared his experience as a Deep Tech entrepreneur in his second article, “Connect-the-dots: the (not-so) secret journey of a Deep Tech entrepreneur.” He delves deeper into the topic and discusses his journey, its stages, and turning points.

You can find all insights from Przemek on his Forbes profile.


#APS 2023

On the 18th of April, Radosław Szmit and Marcin Połulich, General Manager of DAC.DeepTech, were present at the Automotive Production Support event in Wrocław.

#APS is a platform and specialized event for people professionally related to manufacturing processes. The project’s main idea for many years has been the presentation of modern technologies, tools, and services that contribute to building the competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

Radek and Marcin were there to participate in networking, meet new potential partners, and learn about the machine and manufacturing market. 

Crido and SoDa event 

Warsaw this month was also visited by Damian Derebiecki, COO of, and Radosław Szmit. They were part of the Crido and SoDa event and participated in panel discussions. 

Damian discussed our experience acquiring R&D projects, writing proposals, billing, and combining R&D and business.

Thank you for inviting us!

Pomeranian Export Broker Award

We ended this month with another award on our shelf! Damian Derebiecki received the award at the closing conference of the Pomeranian Export Broker.

The conference was held on April 25 at Olivia Star in Gdansk. Participants in the event were entrepreneurs who participated in the project, institutions implementing the activities, and local authorities headed by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship. was awarded for contributing to developing export business and for its exceptional active participation in the program implemented in 2016. 

Thank you for honoring us, and congratulations to the other companies!

What’s going to happen in June?

There’s still some time until June, but we can’t wait to invite you to our Computer Vision Community MeetUp! The business breakfast will be held in Berlin on the 22nd of June. What do you gain by attending the event?

  1. Unique knowledge
    Find out the latest information on computer vision technology based on project experience.
  2. Network development
    Get to know the community around computer vision technology and build your network.
  3. Free consultation with experts
    Do you have an innovative idea and seek specialist advice? You have the opportunity for free technology & business consultation with our experts.

Don’t hesitate and register for the event! You can find the details about the MeetUp in our blog post.

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