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Published: 06/07/2021 belongs to the top 7% at Pangea belongs to the top 7% at Pangea

Gdańsk, Poland, 29th of June 2021 – we are proud to announce that was successfully verified as a Pangea software development team. As a result, we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineers. Furthermore, this will enable us to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization through our Pangea profile for both current and future collaborations.

Joining an elite Pangea community

At, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of work we deliver to our customers.

We decided to undergo a verification process with Pangea to have an independent organization going through our culture and procedures to assure future customers that our sales team is not exaggerating when describing our advantages.

The verification process was demanding. We had to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses critically. In addition, we were waiting with excitement to get the results of the team vibe survey, which has been sent over to all our employees.

The verification went great, and we were happy to reveal that our scores were above the average Pangea members score.

“Team members see that they are cogs in the machine and have a significant impact on the final product they work on.” – comments Agata Gwardyś, Operations Director at

Judging by the team health score, we are a group of satisfied professionals who keep the work-life balance in place, and the happy team members can make the customers happy.

Pangea Verified Partner

Lessons learned and key findings from applying to Pangea

The work we performed during the verifications brought us a priceless insight into our organization. We did an honest examination of conscience and put a lot of effort into getting the most out of this process.

Our team health score is 8.9/10.0, where our highest scores were 9.0/10.0 for well-being and 9.0 for culture. The advocacy score was 8.2, and it was the lowest score. Our management team got objective feedback from employees and the Pangea team and is already working on improvements in this field.

During the preparation period, we structured the way we presented our company, described sales and customer service processes, and collected references from current customers. As a result, our client was 8.7/10, with the customer journey score significantly above the average (9.1/10).

It is gratifying that Pangea has found our work, culture, and approach to the business above the average, placing us in tom 7% of its members.

The interesting point was that the weakest score we obtained was for the documentation level (8.2/10). So even though the scoring is not that bad, we decided to improve the way we collect information and pay more attention to details regarding documents.

The verification at Pangea was the way to get among other elite partners and a journey inside our organization. It helped us understand how we can be seen by our future and present customers.

Celebrating excellence and trust

Excellence and trust are part of our five core values next to autonomy, purpose, and responsibility. We believe that being part of the Pangea community will bring us better recognition among customers who share the same values.

Our mission is to develop a business based on scientific and technological excellence. Pangea membership is another step to achieving our goals, expanding the network, and keeping the highest possible standards.

Our team has broad experience in solving the most complex problems with IoT solutions.  Contact us if you need a dedicated solution.

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