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Published: 27/09/2021 awarded in the “Eagle of Innovation” competition. awarded in the “Eagle of Innovation” competition.

We are pleased to announce that was awarded in the “Eagle of Innovation” competition organized by the Rzeczpospolita in the “Enterprise” category. The jury appreciated our product for the dairy industry called D_Box.

About the “Eagle of Innovation” competition

The “Eagle of Innovation” aims to distinguish the most innovative companies and solutions on the Polish market. The competition is held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Development, Labor, and Technology. This year over 140 applications has been sent.

Our CEO during "Eagle of the Innovation" Gala

This year’s jury composed of:

  • Tomasz Jażdżyński, President of the Management Board, Gremi Media SA
  • Paweł Kolczyński, Vice President of the Management Board, Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA
  • Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of the Innovation Development Department, Polish Development Fund
  • Krzysztof Maksymik, Audit Partner in the Financial Audit Department of BDO
  • Marcin Piasecki, editor and journalist of Rzeczpospolita
  • Jarosław Sroka, Member of the Management Board, Kulczyk Investments
  • Marcin Szczeciński, Adamed Capital Investments Manager
  • Hubert Turaj, Managing Partner, EDISONDA
  • Dr hab. Piotr Wachowiak, prof. SGH, Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics
  • Dariusz Żuk, Founder and CEO of AIP

evaluated the most innovative technologies and products, innovative services, and visionary projects in 9 categories. In addition, we are pleased to announce that was awarded in the “Enterprise” category. Last year, the winners of this competition were companies such as Thorium Space, Warmie sp. z o.o., Skriware, Notinote, Holo4Labs, Talent Alpha, LPP, Polregio or Compensa TU SA.

Awarded project – D_Box

D_Box Multifunction Device

The project submitted by and appreciated by the jury is called D_Box. D_Box is a set of devices that have been implemented in the proprietary transport management IT system for the dairy industry, with the help of which over 60% of milk is transported in Poland. The system has already been awarded in the Master of Innovative Transformation 2021 competition by ICAN Institute and MIT Sloan.

How does D_Box work?

The confirmation of the number of liters of milk received from the producer was entered manually on the External Receipt document. After the end of the route, the milk collections were delivered to the Purchasing Department, which manually entered over 2,000 receipts a day into the billing system, and errors in the process were verified manually. 

The solution to this problem is D_Box, a telematics control unit integrated with transport vehicles. Via D_Box, data from sensors placed in transport vehicles (the amount of milk, its temperature, or the vehicle’s location) are collected in real-time and sent to the cloud platform.

The solution enables us to automate the entire milk collection process while reducing errors in the recorded number of liters of milk provided by farmers, eliminating the possibility of fraud and forgery during milk collection, automatic control of entered information, and reduction of manual data entry.

Technical aspects of D_Box

Thanks to the use of a microprocessor in the ARM architecture, D_Box has an operating system. Therefore, the creation of functional applications is possible in the same way as for PCs. All input/output end elements have drivers, which facilitate their operation like communication with a printer or keyboard. Integration with the 4G network and GPS technology allowed for the creation of a fully mobile device intended for transport vehicles. The GSM communication module works in LTE-M technology, thanks to which it can maintain the appropriate quality of data transmission even in the case of poor network coverage.

Project’s goals

The project aimed to supplement the offered IT system with devices necessary for digitizing the dairy industry. We implemented mobile IoT devices monitoring in real-time the parameters of transported goods and the condition of the vehicles themselves, installed in transport vehicles. In addition, D_Box enables the automation of data reporting processes in the milk collection process.

The integration of our software system with a dedicated hardware solution allowed us to offer the dairy industry a comprehensive solution that meets its needs.

Due to its versatility, we dedicate the device also to a broader range of companies related to the IoT industry or companies willing to develop their product. D_Box provides a professional, multitasking hardware layer necessary in this type of project. This is the only solution for IT sector companies that you can use to implement your own IoT projects. 

Further steps

The award is such a prestigious competition for us, a confirmation of the value that D_Box brings. Our solution can help develop new products not only in but also in other companies, so our goal is to start selling the device. In addition, we plan to acquire partners interested in purchasing devices for its proprietary solutions as a ready-made hardware component.

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