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AI Roadmap Development Workshop

This one-day workshop will uncover how your organisation can best benefit from AI, highlight key opportunities & risks and provide you with a roadmap to start an AI project.

One day to go from an idea to a concrete plan for an AI project

Turn your team’s coffee break ideas and discussions into a ready-to-kick-off project plan.

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Generate ideas and understand what you can do with AI

Find out how to maximise the impact of your innovation.

Discover strategies to maximise ROI.

Get a detailed roadmap for your AI project

Learn how to optimise costs and time, while reducing the risk of failure.

Leave the workshop with an actionable roadmap for an AI project.

Task list

Prepare for the next step

Receive documentation that will enable you to kickstart the project.

Use the documentation to launch a project with us or any other AI vendor.

3 steps between your vision and a successful AI project

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Key information about the AI Roadmap Development Workshop:

Full-day Workshop

You will engage in 5 hours of practical excercises with breaks

Team of 2 Experts 

The workshop is led by experts with PhDs and expertise in tech and business analitics

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Remote or On-site

The workshop can be held at your site, in our office, or online, depending on your preference

Takeaways and Documentation

✅ Based on expert overview of your current system architecture, you will understand how the AI solution fits into it
✅ You will receive an expert evaluation of business ideas generated during the workshop
✅ With our guidance, you will conduct a comprehensive risk and opportunity assessment
✅ You will get a detailed project roadmap broken down into specific development steps


5 900 Euro

Radosław Szmit
Radosław Szmit Chief Business Officer

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What outcomes can I expect?

After the workshop you will:

👉 Know which of your ideas make the most sense – technologically and budget-wise.

👉 Have a list of ideas on how to use AI in your organisation, professionally assessed by AI experts.

👉 Understand which ideas are technically feasible.

👉 Have your best idea broken down into iterative development steps.

👉 Obtain a list of risks and opportunities along with expert advice on how to navigate them.

👉 Receive a clear roadmap that explains what you should do next and that you can present to decision makers to kickstart the AI project.

Outline of the AI Roadmap Development Workshop

To understand competencies on both sides and get to know each other
1. Intro round

Clarification of the framework conditions, strategic motivation and operational drivers for developing data and analytics architecture.

2. Intro to the AI landscape and common tasks

Overview of the most important aspects of AI and the tasks that are currently done by AI.

3. Business landscape analysis and opportunity identification

Analysis of common, as well as business-specific pitfalls, pain points, and bottlenecks. Accompanied by the identification of the place for AI.

4. Brainstorming and idea generation

Collection of ideas that can be implemented in your business and discussing their potential impact and effort required.

5. Roadmap sketching

Preparation of a step-by-step approach with appropriate technology needed to implement the selected idea, reducing time to market and maximising ROI.

6. Wrap-up

Summary of the meeting and the discussion of necessary next steps.

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Why do the workshop with us?

  • Industry excellence proven by numerous awards
  • Extensive knowledge built through R&D and commercial projects
  • Tech expertise and multiple years of commercial experience
  • Track record of more than 20 AI-based solutions successfully designed, built & implemented in clients’ operations by our team
  • After the workshop you can develop the idea A to Z with us
  • Or our outsourcing services can help you build your own dedicated team

This workshop is for you if you:

👉 Want to know how you can best utilise AI in your company

👉 Have an idea on how to use AI but are unsure how to apprach the project

👉 Wonder what team composition you need to run AI project

👉 Want to understand what data you need and how to prepare it

👉 Worry about pitfalls and potential risks of AI projects

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