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D-Box – Multifunction Device for Industrial IoT Applications

How developed an electronic multifunction device for prototyping, MVP development & pilots in Industrial Internet of Things applications.

Our Client

  • Name: MuuMap
  • Line of business: Hardware for the dairying industry
  • Country: Poland




Previously, confirmation of the number of litres of milk collected from the producer was entered manually on an External Receipt (PZ) printout. After completing the milk collection route, the drivers would deliver the forms to the Purchasing Department, which had to manually enter more than 2,000 collections per day into the accounting system, and errors arising in the process were verified manually.


The solution to this problem is the D_Box, a device that automatically records information on the quantity of milk transported and sends it to a cloud platform. The D_Box is a telematic control unit fully integrated into the transport vehicles. Through the D_Box, data from sensors placed on the transport vehicles (such as the milk quantity counter, its temperature or the vehicle’s location) are collected in real time and sent to the cloud platform.

How did it all begin?

The goal

The aim of the project was to complement the IT system on offer with the devices necessary for the digitalisation of the dairy industry. Mobile IoT devices were implemented to monitor in real time the parameters of the goods being transported and the condition of the vehicles themselves, mounted in the transport vehicles. The D_Box enables the automation of data reporting processes in the milk haulage process.

First version

The first versions of the device were installed in around 100 vehicles monitored by our IT system, enabling daily reporting of 2 million litres of milk from 2,000 suppliers. The information gathered allowed us to develop and launch in 2020 an industrial-grade device with an open-source operating system (allowing the system to be self-optimised to its own needs), based on the latest technology, as a response to the needs of the dairy market.

What is behind the D-Box?

D_Box is a telematics control unit fully integrated with transport vehicles. Through D_Box, data from sensors placed in transport vehicles (such as milk quantity counter, milk temperature or vehicle location) are collected in real time and sent to the cloud platform. Our solution allows you to automate the entire milk collection process. Basing the system on reporting the status and location of transported goods in real time translates into better decision-making, reduced documentation and a significant reduction in errors and abuses. The provided data allows for reducing the number of errors in the recorded number of liters of milk provided by farmers, eliminating the possibility of fraud and forgery during milk collection, automatic control of the entered information and simultaneous reduction of manual data entry, as well as the possibility of dynamically changing the route depending on the needs.

Thanks to the use of a microprocessor in the ARM architecture, D_Box has an operating system that allows its operation without the need to have competences in programming microcontrollers (C language), and the configuration of the device and the creation of your own scripts is done from the operating system level. All input/output terminal elements have drivers, which facilitates their operation in a way similar to communication with a printer or keyboard. Integration with the 4G network and the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allowed the creation of a fully mobile device intended for transport vehicles. The project uses the latest GSM communication technology. The module works in LTE-M technology, which is dedicated to IoT solutions, including mobile ones, where it is able to maintain the appropriate quality of data transmission even in the case of poor network coverage. D_Box enables the transmission of information from sensors in real time, and thanks to the use of GPS technology, it is possible not only to monitor the parameters of the transported goods, but also their location. Thanks to an extensive communication system based on BLE and Wi-Fi, the devices can be easily configured to work as a master communication device, serving as a medium for data transmission between sensors and the system. Sensors installed in vehicles send data to D_box, and then they go to our IT system. Integration with the Hardware Security Module ensures the highest level of security of the data transmission services provided.

The main advantages of D-Box

Plug and play approach to IIoT Data Collection
D_Box is an electronic multifunction device for prototyping, MVP development & pilots in Industrial Internet of Things applications. Wireless connection, many interfaces, flexible design.

Single board computer with many applications.
The device is a single-board computer with an ARM processor with a Linux operating system distribution and the peripherals are operated using appropriate commands.

Limitless Implementation
The device can be installed in any place, such as a production hall, farm, warehouse, construction site and many others. It is equipped in GSM module for wireless communication so it is suitable for mobile applications on trucks, construction vehicles, ships etc.

Remote Access
The device receives data from sensors or other devices and sends it using the GSM network to supervisory systems. It provides remote access to data from devices installed onsite. D_Box enables over-the-air updates and remote configuration of sensors.

Validated Technology
We have implemented D_Box has into a popular IT system for the dairy industry. It allowed automating the entire milk collection process, eliminating manual data entry about amounts of milk provided by farmers, transport optimization, and monitoring.

Hardware for special tasks
D_Box enables wireless communication via GSM, BLE and Wi-Fi networks and wired communication – CAN bus, USB, Ethernet, I2C. Selection of external connectors, customized mounting options, custom branding and many more options are available to meet your needs.

The results of the dairy revolution

With the introduction of D_Box, the company has complemented the range of its own IT products with a multi-purpose hardware solution that provides the necessary real-time data for the entire milk collection process and allows it to be automated. By integrating our software system with a dedicated hardware solution, we were able to offer the dairy industry a comprehensive solution to meet its needs.

Due to its versatility, we also dedicate the device to a broader spectrum of companies related to the IoT industry or companies looking to develop their product. The D_Box provides the professional, multi-tasking hardware layer necessary for this type of project. It is the only such solution dedicated to IT companies that they can use during their own IoT projects. The company plans to attract partners interested in purchasing the devices for their own proprietary solutions as a finished hardware component.

Implementation of D-Box

400+ devices installed

8000+ reports daily with milk quantities, temperature, etc.

500+ routes served daily

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