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How We Turned a Prototype into a Working Trusted Hardware Layer for Milk Industry

Our goal was to scale the hardware solution for milk tank monitoring and move from a working prototype to a device ready for mass production and implementation. The existing prototype raised safety concerns and prevented us from mass production. Recognising these issues and the potential for improvement, we secured a grant to develop a new device from scratch, aiming to create a safer, more reliable, and scalable trusted hardware layer.

Design Thinking Phases Behind D_Box Development

The development of the new device, called D_Box, involved several critical phases:

  • Conceptualization: Identifying the key flaws of the existing prototype and outlining a device that could overcome these challenges while offering improved functionality.
  • Design and Prototyping: Crafting a new device design that eliminates inefficient components, incorporating powerful and scalable technology suitable for industrial use.
  • Testing and Iteration: Rigidly testing the new prototype to ensure its safety, reliability, and effectiveness in real-world industrial environments, leading to iterative improvements based on feedback from the existing users.
Custom Hardware Solutions

The Special Sauce of D_Box: a Trusted Hardware Layer

What sets D_Box apart is its trusted hardware layer, designed with technical benefits that cater to a wide range of applications:

Universal and Customizable

D_Box’s architecture allows for a high degree of customization, making it adaptable to various industrial needs.

Advanced Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, connectivity capabilities for areas with limited internet connection, CAN, RS232, I2C, USB, and Ethernet, as well as GPS and GSM in LTE-M version, ensuring seamless data transmission and connectivity.

Edge Computing Capability

Empowers devices with the ability to process and analyze data on the edge of the network, significantly enhancing operational flexibility and control through efficient local data processing. This enables more efficient decision-making locally and doesn’t require sending the data to one access point.

Hardware Layer for Manufacturing, Smart City and Agriculture

D_Box Bridges the Hardware Gap for Manufacturing, Smart City and Agriculture

Market research revealed a gap in hardware competencies among software companies, highlighting a broad market opportunity for D_Box. Its capacity to function at the edge of networks, integrating and pre-processing data from multiple sources, makes it an invaluable tool for industries ranging from smart city solutions and manufacturing to agriculture. This positions D_Box as a product and a scalable platform for businesses, ready to meet the evolving needs of industries seeking advanced IoT capabilities.

Current Market Adoption for the Hardware Device Designed by

D_Box has already begun streamlining  operations in several key areas:

MuuBox for the Dairy Industry

Integrating D_Box to improve milk monitoring and management systems. D_Box is integrated with milk counter to process data about picked-up milk amount and temperature. The device enables greater process transparency and helps monitor and manage the milk collection process

A Pilot Program for a Client in the Manufacturing Industry

Deploying sensors and D_Box units to optimize machine efficiency and effectiveness in real-time. D_Box serves as a hub collecting signals from the clients’ sensors and machines in order to send them further to the prime system. 

Custom Hardware Solutions

Who Needs the Trusted Hardware Layer?

The versatility and advanced features of D_Box make it an essential tool for a wide array of sectors:


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Software Houses: Providing the missing link in hardware development capabilities.

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Logistics and Mapping: Enhancing data collection and analysis for improved operational efficiency and goods monitoring.

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Sensors and Lean Manufacturing: Offering a centralized solution for managing and analyzing sensor data.

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Automotive and Construction: Enabling smarter, more efficient project management and operational control.

Hardware for Milk Temperature Monitoring

D_Box’s Role in Advancing the Dairy Industry and Beyond

D_Box shows a leap forward in mobile industrial IoT applications, especially in the dairy industry. Through rigorous development and an emphasis on safety, mobility, scalability, and technical excellence, has addressed the initial challenges as well as opened new avenues for innovation across various sectors. D_Box proves that there is no limit to what’s possible in hardware and software integration, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

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