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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing leading to Sustainability and Industry 5.0

Project Goal

AIMS5.0, a collaborative Innovation Action aims at strengthening European digital sovereignty in comprehensively sustainable production, by adopting, extending and implementing AI-enabled hardware and software components and systems across the whole industrial value chain to further increase the overall efficiency. 

New technologies from IoT and based on Semantic Web ontologies, ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help European manufacturers to shift from Industry4.0 to Industry5.0, creating human-centric workplace conditions and a climate-friendly production.

AIMS5.0 will result in lower manufacturing costs, increased product quality through AI-enabled innovation, decreased time-to-market and increased user acceptance of versatile technology offerings. The innovations will leverage the experience of the 53 partners, such as renowned OEMs, Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers, technology and application large enterprises and SMEs, supported by academic research specialists in fields like AI, industrial hard-ware and software, decision making and management algorithms. Role in the project is a technology provider and research partner working on the implementation of the Open Access Platform and highly automated MLOps framework. Apart from that, acts as the County Coordinator and Work Package 8 leader, being also a member of the project’s Steering Committee.

AI-Driven Audio and Signal Processing for the Manufacturing and Warehousing Industry

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Key Information


KDT Joint Undertaking (JU) under Grant Agreement No. 101112089 and by the National Center for Research and Development.


36 months


Depending on task

SDG / Area / Technology

AI technology and human centred digitalisation across the whole industrial value chain will double productivity, leading towards European sovereignty and sustainability. Role

Technological partner


The industrial world has been undergoing innumerable radical developments, often difficult, yet of utmost importance, to keep pace with. From human manufacturing processes to industrial digitalisation and the introduction of robots, productivity has raised to previously unconceivable heights, becoming elaborated down to the tiniest detail and entailing deep understanding in complex manufacturing products. Indicatively, in the area of Electronic Components and Systems (ECS), trends have been long associated to exploiting the digital transformation in creating new device processing and characterization techniques. These approaches do greatly improve the performance of the electronic devices, and novel devices will further improve the level of human life as they have done before. And the success story of the European industry is far from being over. All in all, based on the shoulders of Industry4.0, the 5th industrial revolution is at the gates, paving the way to Industry5.0 and beyond. However, a number of overarching challenges are yet to be confronted, in order to strengthen the European green production landscape and to enable more digital sovereignty of the European industry.


AIMS5.0 is a highly ambitious project that plans to constitute the point of reference for realizing sustainable production, fostering the adoption of AI as an integrated approach in all phases of manufacturing value chains in 9 industrial domains. In essence, AIMS5.0 will deliver:

  • AI-enabled electronic hardware components & systems for sustainable production.
  • AI tools, methods & algorithms for sustainable industrial processes

  • SoS-based architectures & micro-services for AI-supported sustainable production
  • Semantic modelling & data integration for an open access productive sustainability platform

AIMS5.0 will provide the basis for the digital society in Europe based on values, moving towards the ideal of Society 5.0.’s Project Contribution: works on the implementation of the Open Access Platform – a platform for performing various optimization in the semiconductor industries, including applications such as planning, tracing and sustainability analysis, along with the possibility to share the data with other organizations. Apart from that, is working on the implementation of MLOps framework spanning development-time and production monitoring, along with the Machine Unlearning capabilities.

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Project is co-funded by the Chips Joint Undertaking and the National Center for Research and Development.
Total budget

70.695.350,24 EUR

Total budget for S.A.

1.170.000,00 EUR

EU contribution for S.A.

351.000,00 EUR

NCBR agreement number


Date of signing the agreement with NCBR


Total budget for S.A.

5.490.225,01 PLN

NCBR contribution for S.A.

1.151.175,36 PLN

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