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Published: 08/02/2023

Przemek Szleter in Disruptive CEO Nation podcast

Przemek Szleter in Disruptive CEO Nation podcast

Przemek Szleter, CEO at featured in the Disruptive CEO Nation podcast, hosted by Allison Summers.

In the Disruptive CEO Nation podcast, Allison speaks with innovative company founders and thought leaders who are driving significant change in the way business gets done.

During the conversation, Przemek and Allison adressed the topics such as:

  • The differentiating factor of being a scientific-based tech company with Ph.D. thought leaders on staff to keep them on the leading edge.
  • Some insights into current projects such as gaze estimation and eye tracking software on smartphones and the complexities of building IoT software and interfaces.
  • The driving objectives for why Przemek started the company and why he is passionate about showing the world that there are world-class tech professionals in Poland.
  • Scaling lessons: paying others before yourself, hiring smarter than you, and when to bring in support at the top.
  • The future vision of opening offices in Germany and the US.
  • Not waiting for the world to show you what to do but being in the position to lead the world.

Listen to the conversation here.

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