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How A Dedicated Development Team Upgraded Legacy Code and Libraries for Better Performance

Our dedicated software team revitalized Momentum Healthware's RTLS by replacing outdated components, conducting thorough code refactoring, and implementing modern technologies. Despite challenges like legacy code and lack of documentation, our overhaul resulted in a refreshed application, clearing years of technological debt and enhancing efficiency without disrupting user experience. Client satisfaction was high, paving the way for future collaborations.

Healthcare Real-Time Location System with Outdated Libraries and Legacy Code.

Momentum Healthware, a Canadian-based healthcare company, operates various applications aimed at enhancing care in retirement homes. The project we were supporting was a Real-tTme Location System. They required assistance in upgrading their alert and location management app, crucial for monitoring patients through wearable sensors. These sensors track vital parameters such as pulse, movement, and location, ensuring immediate alerts in case of emergencies like falls or abnormal health readings.

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Scaling and Security Struggles Due to Outdated Technology.

The company faced significant hurdles due to its reliance on outdated technologies and legacy code, resulting in a system that was hard to scale, vulnerable to data breaches, and difficult to update with new features. The technological debt and the use of unsupported libraries posed a risk to system integrity and security.

Legacy Code Update

Comprehensive Overhaul for Secure, Efficient, and Uninterrupted Healthcare Services.

Our intervention involved a comprehensive overhaul of the existing system. We replaced unsupported libraries with modern, secure alternatives, conducted code refactoring, and implemented Spring Boot to replace the outdated Spring framework. A significant aspect of our solution was reverse engineering the application due to the absence of documentation, ensuring continuity for end-users without service interruption. We also undertook a rigorous testing process, including regressive tests to catch potential errors, ensuring a smooth deployment process despite technical limitations.

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Faster, More Scalable Application with Enhanced Efficiency and Unchanged User Experience.

The result was a refreshed application that maintained its original functionality while significantly improving efficiency, speed, and scalability. Our dedicated software team cleared a decade’s worth of technological debt, updated the application to the highest possible version, and eliminated existing bugs, all without altering the user experience. Our work also included consulting on future improvements and strategizing for further technological advancements.

Team Composition.

The project was managed by a dedicated team of developers, testers, and a project manager, totaling 5 individuals. Their expertise and experience were crucial in addressing the complex challenges presented by outdated systems and ensuring a successful transition to modern technology solutions.

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Seamless Upgrades and Future Growth Opportunities.

Momentum Healthware expressed satisfaction with the project’s outcome, appreciating the seamless upgrade and the assurance of a more secure, scalable, and efficient system. This partnership highlights the potential for future collaborations and opportunities to further enhance their technological capabilities.

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