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Published: 24/01/2024

Why May Building a Dedicated Software Team for an MVP Project be Better Than Using in-House Resources?

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Why may building a dedicated software team for an MVP project be better than using in-house resources?

While the concept of an MVP is clear, the path to its creation can be less so. One of the critical decisions you’ll face is whether to utilize your in-house resources or assemble a dedicated software team for the project. In this “Software Development Insights” issue, I explore why the latter option might be your ticket to MVP success.

A short introduction to the MVP

First, let’s quickly describe what MVP is. Minimum Viable Product is a technique created by Lean Startup that allows for gathering customer feedback before launching a new product. By focusing on delivering a product with just enough functionality to satisfy early adopters, you can quickly gather invaluable insights into customer needs and preferences. It’s a strategy that minimizes risks and maximizes your chances of success.

Dedicated software team vs. in-house resources for MVP

Let’s discuss why building a dedicated software team for an MVP project may be better than using in-house resources.

Dedicated teams are composed of experts in their respective fields. They are experienced and trained to handle complex projects quickly and efficiently. In contrast, in-house teams may have different levels of expertise, and it may take longer to complete a task. Recruiting new team members for an organization also takes time, especially when it wants to enter the market fast.

Building a dedicated team ensures that the project receives the necessary attention it deserves. A dedicated team can focus on delivering the project on time, and this focus leads to faster delivery times. On the other hand, in-house teams may have other tasks and responsibilities that can slow down the MVP project.

A dedicated software team can bring fresh perspectives to the project. They can offer insights and ideas that in-house teams may not have considered. It can lead to better solutions and faster time-to-market. In-house teams spend so much time working on the projects that they lose this fresh perspective. They often fall victim to repetitive schematics and ideas, not looking for new solutions or prospects, which may result in slower time-to-market and less innovative solutions.

Benefits of a dedicated teams

So, how can building a dedicated software team for an MVP project benefit you in terms of budget and time-to-market delivery?

  • Firstly, it can help you save money in the long run. A dedicated team is focused on delivering the project on time and on budget, which means there are no surprises down the line. In contrast, in-house teams may encounter unexpected issues that can increase costs.
  • Secondly, building a dedicated team can lead to faster time-to-market delivery. A dedicated team can focus solely on the project without getting distracted by other tasks, primarily when the dedicated team model is based on a fixed time, scope, and budget approach.
  • Moreover, a dedicated team has a well-defined workflow, ensuring the project’s completion efficiently and quickly. It can give you a competitive edge over your competitors and increase your chances of winning the market for your product faster than the competition.


Thus, building a dedicated development team for an MVP project can bring much better results and be more effective than using internal resources. It is more cost-effective and faster and ensures quality delivery.

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