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Published: 07/09/2020

We contribute to European smart agriculture development

We contribute to European smart agriculture development

As a member of the AFarCloud project, our company is responsible for developing a solution for monitoring and control over product environmental footprint along the supply chain. Check how we contribute to the development of smart agriculture in Europe.

What is the goal of AFarCloud project?

Farming is facing many challenges in terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness, an increasing labour shortage, reliable detection, accurate identification as well as proper quantification of pathogens. We need to keep these factors under control in order to reduce expenditures, trade disruptions and take care of human health.

AFarCloud is a project with a budget of EUR 16.6 million and over 50 participants from 13 countries, such as Bosonit, Neuromedia, Intrasoft, AVL, AMS, PDMFC or Sintef. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement ECSEL JU No 783221.

Novel precision farming solutions

This project will promote novel precision farming solutions by providing a distributed platform for autonomous farming, integrated with farm management software, which will support monitoring and decision-making solutions based on big data and real-time data mining techniques. It also aims to make farming robots accessible to more users by enabling farming vehicles to work in a cooperative mesh. What’s more, creating a common framework for the development of related applications can lead to increased efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality and reducing farm labour costs.

Novel precision farming solutions

What is’s role in AFarCloud?

The second year of the project is about to end and the last one is about to begin. So far our company has implemented Stream Processing Engine. This is one of the middleware components to process large amounts of data from multiple sensors. We presented the operation of our solution on our own IoT devices called BetterBox, which analyze the environmental impact (Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)) during the transport.

The main goal of the solution is to support the end-user in monitoring the PEF of two Diary Supply Chain (DSC) stages: milk production and milk transportation. The DSC data is analyzed in order to assess the quality of the supply chain operation in terms of sustainability.

In the next year, we plan to integrate our components with demonstration farms in the Czech Republic and Latvia.’s solutions in the agriculture industry

This is not the only’s project related to agriculture. Our flagship product – MuuMap, is integrated with our own designed hardware, which is called BetterBox. MuuMap is a TMS for the milk industry. It currently supports the transport of raw milk from 40 thousand farmers all over Europe by real-time monitoring of transported milk parameters such as quantity and temperature. We manage and support raw milk transport in Poland but also in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland or Serbia.

We have been working with the largest dairies both in Poland and in the world for 8 years. Currently, over 40% of Polish milk is collected from farmers thanks to our MuuMap system and over 1000 drivers use our MuuWigation daily to navigate in rural areas. – Damian Derebecki, CPO at

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