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Published: 03/04/2023

Technology and the art of human experience

Memex Poland 2022 second Q&A

Memex Poland 2022 second conference panel

It’s time to wrap up the reminiscing on the Memex Poland 2022 conference. This time we go back to Krzysztof Kania, Karol Duzinkiewicz and Yash Chawla, PhD who answer questions and share their insights in the final discussion panel. We could learn more about the position of technology in experiences, creation and marketing.

At the end of this summary, you can watch the video recording of the panel.

The future of digital advertising

Krzysztof Radecki, CTO at, started the discussion with a question to Krzysztof Kania about his knowledge of digital advertising and new systems. He agreed that less intrusive and more user-oriented advertising could be more successful than advertising in the more traditional, direct way we know.

However, we must also remember that advertising has rights, forms and language that must still be accommodated. Therefore, the classic form of advertising might still be necessary alongside the more immersive and less intrusive type.

The science of gaze estimation and meaningful attention

Karol Duzinkiewicz added an extra point of view on the innovation that can contribute to making successful ads. New technologies like gaze estimation, eye-tracking, and face detection can contribute to helping collect relevant data on human perception of the content. This technology can help improve analytics to help deliver engaging content.

It can also help increase the quality to help raise brand awareness in a more subtle and immersive way that wouldn’t disturb the overall experience with the medium the communities engage in. For example, there are real-life trucks in the game called Snowrunner, and companies cooperate with big productions like Fortnite to increase their brand awareness via in-game products.

Eye-tracking technology can help research the engagement and analyse the collected data to expand their knowledge of user experience and create engaging targetted content that would be successful and fun.

Listen to Karol Duzinkiewicz talk about Gaze Estimation.

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Technology inspiration in a consumer-driven world

Yash Chawla, PhD, highlighted that consumers are one of the most significant driving forces behind innovation and the emergence of new technologies. After all, technology influences our daily lives and has become a constant element of human nature.

He also mentioned that the popularity of one thing could help create another inspired by its success. To the point that we can embrace new possibilities that involve entirely new technology or medium. Just like the popularity of Pokemon anime sparked the rise of the Pokemon GO game.

New technologies can help tailor the services, including advertising, to be more appealing to the target audience and help engage the brain more creatively than just displaying the product. The power lies in consumer engagement.

Memex Poland 2022 second Q&A

Eye-tracking and VR technology solutions in the future

Our experts also shared their opinion on how technologies we know today can evolve in the future. In particular, gaze estimation and VR could take over more traditional means; we control our computers and electronics. Although they don’t make bold assumptions, they say the research is promising and opens many opportunities for researchers and communities.

We can already observe how VR and AR technology projects influence our lives in more ways than just entertainment. It can help researchers in different fields, including training programs or data collection and analysis. However, we can’t yet tell, with certainty, how far these technologies may yet take us.

Karol also shared a slight teaser into our exciting eye-tracking project we work on with our partner – eye square. It can make a groundbreaking foundation for the further development of this technology.

See Krzysztof Kania talk about computer vision and advertising in games!

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Memex Poland 2022 showed us how new technologies and systems influence our world and different professions, like artists, developers and marketing experts. Technology helps us enhance our work and processes.

We can see the shift between intrusive and immersive ads with virtual and augmented reality systems. We can experience things out of reach not too long ago – like space systems and more. During the conference and the discussions, our experts only touched the surface.

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Watch the video recording of the panel

Listen to the entire discussion in the video below.