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Published: 07/09/2023

Summer at

The last two months have gone by incredibly fast. Although vacation is a time of rest, much has happened at Let’s recall our activities during summertime!

Computer World TOP200 report 

At the end of June, we were included in a TOP 200 report by ComputerWorld, among the 344 companies that contributed to creating this complimentary source of information about our local tech environment. What a great way to start a summer!

Amsterdam trip 

Our team visited Amsterdam in July to work on a key project for one of our valued clients. During their stay, they took the opportunity to team bonding and enjoy the charms of the city. The Netherlands provides the perfect backdrop for this business journey! 

Workation in Gdańsk HQ

Our community department also organized a little trip for themselves. Workation in our HQ in Gdańsk was full of discussions and brainstorming sessions. Of course, there was also time to spend together as a team! All the activities were accompanied by a four-legged companion – Majo.

DACteam vacations

What was #DActeam doing during their summer break? Let’s see! 

Krzysztof Pala, our Kotlin Developer, thrilled the crowds at the 29th Pol’and’rock Festival! Together with Wojtek Szumański’s band, they gave a performance that everyone will remember for the longest time.

A few of us have decided to spend vacations among the mountain peaks. The distant journey to Pico Grande and local explorations of the Beskid Zywiecki brings a lot of amazing views!  

You might recall Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, 700 km cycle journey from Wisła to Gdańsk. He’s preparing for another big route, and training is endless.

Interviews, talks, and expert speeches 

The last two months were full of new video materials. Let’s see what has appeared on our YouTube channels. 

The spirit of our event in Berlin was always with us during summer! We finally published long-awaited videos – interviews with computer vision experts: What is the future of technology? Let’s learn about Computer Vision.

In the latest Kontlin Crew Community Talk, Monika Dawidowicz, our Senior Communications Manager, was talking to Martin Petrulak, a freelance Android/Kotlin developer working with the biggest tech players in Germany and worldwide Through Adversity to Working with the Biggest German Brands.

Do you remember Michał Affek’s presentation during Warszawskie Dni Informatyki (Warsaw IT Days)? It is now published on our YouTube: Satellite onboarding data processing

Newsletters and Forbes Council publications

Our CEO, Przemek Szleter, regularly publishes new content on Forbes and LinkedIn profiles. He was featured and shared his expertise in two Forbes Expert Panel editions: 

Also, Przemek’s newsletter, “Let’s Dive Into DeepTech,” is very active! Subscribe never to miss the newest update!  Are you interested in a software development newsletter? Then make sure to check out Radosław Szmit’s publications! 

What’s going to happen next month(s)? 

We have a lot planned for the next coming months! And the first big thing has already started – yesterday, we launched our first episode of the Tech Excellence Podcast. Those who haven’t had the chance to listen live can do so at any time! Are you curious about our next move? Check out our Meet Us tab!