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Team Augmentation and Outsourcing Services

Team Augmentation and Outsourcing Services

A lack of skilled talent on your team can generate the risk of project failure. That’s why you should choose team augmentation and outsourcing services from an outsourcing partner offering you a complete service with complete expertise. This includes a 360-degree technological skill pool backed by PhD-level scientists and business analysts for consulting. We’re a European-based company ready to get on a plane and meet you to discuss your needs and expectations.

Our Expertise in Team Augmentation and Outsouring Services

Our team has broad technological knowledge you can use for your project advantage. We combine end-to-end expertise in software and hardware with AI capabilities. We also have experience in carrying out R&D projects in various fields. Here is a list of areas we can support you with:

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Dedicated Devops Team

Team Outsourcing Models

  1. Team Augmentation
  2. Dedicated Team
  3. Project-Based
  4. Managed Services
  5. Recruitment Support
  6. Post-Project Support and MLOps

Choose Team Augmentation and Outsourcing Services From a Company That Offers Unmatched Expertise

Outsourcing means more than simply finding qualified people and sending them your way. We want our talent to be the perfect match for you in terms of expertise and organisational culture. Here’s how we ensure you’ll work with people you enjoy working with and can learn from.

A Team of All-Rounded Specialists, Including PhD-Level Scientists, Will Make Sure You Use State-of-the-Art Technology in your Project

Find the optimal technological approach for your project with our expert knowledge from skilled engineers and PhD-level scientists. Our professionals can develop, manage, and support your product development process from start to finish and after. If you need help defining your hiring needs, you can count on our experts to analyse your project tech needs, build a hiring roadmap, and provide the right people for the job.

Skilled Recruiters Are Well-Acquainted with the Technologies and Ask the Right Questions to Find Perfectly Matched Candidates

Our recruiters know the technologies they recruit for, so they can ensure that the people you seek will have the necessary skills for outstanding performance within your ranks. But we know that tech skills are not everything. You can count on our HR team to adopt the STAR (Situation-Task-Action- Result) strategy during interviews to ensure the candidate makes a perfect cultural fit to integrate with your in-house experts seamlessly.

Skilled Project and Key Account Managers Support You and the Team By Coordinating the Work and Communication    

Our project managers help you communicate with the team, plan and schedule the workflow, and address ongoing issues. You can rely on our Agile and Scrum masters to coordinate your product from conception to execution. They also support the team in case of problems and crises and measure its integration level and collaboration effectiveness. A Key Account Manager is your constant point of contact to help you secure the team’s continuous engagement and seamless information flow, allowing fast and informed decision-making on both ends.

Partnership Approach Based on Flexibility and Honesty to Make the Most of Our Collaboration

During our cooperation, you can count on us being open about your needs and capabilities. We’ll adjust to your ever-changing needs and environment. We’ll keep this conversation going, help you align your plans with the evolving project requirements, and constantly assess and refine the methodology to make the most of your internal and outsourced teams. We are always happy to honestly discuss the process and challenge the ideas on both ends to find the most effective solution.

As a Europe-Based Outsourcing Company, we can jump on a plane and meet you in person.

Remote collaboration can be efficient, but sometimes, meeting in person is best. If you prefer face-to-face talks and brainstorming, we’d be pleased to hop on a flight and come to you to workshop out your requirements and help you select the best tools and talent for effective collaboration.
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Select the Best Outsourcing or Team Augmentation Model for Your Project and Ensure Ongoing Support

There are different ways of cooperating when using team augmentation and outsourcing services. Whether you need to fill specific skill gaps, a dedicated team, or management to take over for a while, we’ll help you select the best way to collaborate and support you after the project completion.

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation Model Gives You Specific Skills and Competencies

We recommend this outsourcing model if you want to supplement your in-house development team, add particular skills, or expand your workforce during peak periods. It allows you to scale resources up or down as necessary without the burden of administrative work and costs related to hiring permanent employees. You simply come to us with details, and we’ll give you candidate recommendations best suited to your goals.

Dedicated Team icon

Dedicated Team Model Ensures You Have a Complete Team that Focuses on Your Project

Hiring a dedicated development team means that we’ll build a complete, tailored team that will work exclusively on your project. It benefits long-term collaboration on projects with evolving scopes, as you can access a dedicated team of professionals with specific skill sets. Since it’s a consistent team, they have a high understanding and continuity in the project work, which enhances the quality and reliability of the deliverables. Dedicated teams also help you mitigate project risks related to talent shortages and fluctuating requirements since it’s our job to ensure the team is fully staffed throughout the project. Read more about Dedicated Teams

Project-Based Model Allows You to Build an Entire Project Externally

Project-Based Model Allows You to Build an Entire Project Externally

With this approach, we don’t outsource the team to you, but you outsource the project to us. You outline your requirements, deadlines, and deliverables, and we work on the project independently from start to finish. It can be an advantageous model if you need a specific one-time assignment but don’t have internal resources to carry it out. It’s also more cost-effective, especially for non-core activities, as you get a wholly trained team.

Collaboration icon

Managed Services Model Will Help You Find Competent Management and Strategic Guidance 

Maintaining competent in-house IT management might be costly, especially if your company is still developing. Here’s where the managed services outsourcing model comes in handy. We can become your temporary CTO and manage the project, allowing you to focus on your core activities or allocate your staff to more strategic assignments. We’ll help you with your day-to-day needs and provide strategic guidance to align IT infrastructure with your long-term goals.

Recruitment Support

Recruitment Support assists You in the Recruitment Process

If you need assistance quickly scaling your teams or don’t have resources for recruitment process management, this is the service you’ll need. We’ll assist you in understanding the talent landscape and identify the best channels to reach top candidates.  You can count on our expertise to handle the initial screening of candidates and perform the technical assessment to ensure they meet the technical standards required for the position.

Additionally, we’ll coordinate and communicate with the candidates so you can focus on your core company activities. At the end of the process, we’ll handle the necessary documentation.

Post-Project Support Ensures Maintenance and Easy Transition from Delivery to Everyday Operations

As your outsourcing partner, we want to ensure you’re not alone after project completion. We’ll provide post-project support tailored to your needs, which includes:

  • Additional support for a set period that involves bug fixes and maintenance
  • Allocating resources for post-project backing to ensure a smooth transition from project delivery to routine operations
  • Providing training and detailed documentation for your teams and future use so that you can operate and maintain the implemented solutions independently over time
  • Remote monitoring and management tools for addressing ongoing issues and gathering feedback over the transition period from delivery to regular operations

We can also agree on another flexible support model, such as pay-as-you-go support or a retainer model, that will address your needs after the implementation.

Dedicated Development Team

Have a Clear Understanding of Your Spending with the Time and Material Settlement Model

We believe that you should know where exactly your money goes. That’s why the flexible and transparent time and material (T&M) settlement model works best for us and you as our partner. Here’s why:

  • You can adjust project requirements, priorities, and deliverables throughout the lifecycle, allowing a more iterative approach tailored to evolving needs.
  • You can easily track your expenses and know how your money is spent.
  • You only pay for the time and materials rather than a predetermined fixed price.
  • Thanks to continuous feedback opportunities, you can make adjustments and improvements in real-time to achieve results that meet your expectations.
  • You pay for the value delivered, not just the output, which is beneficial when the project’s outcome is difficult to predict upfront.

Outsourcing and Team Augmentation Success Stories

From platform integration through passwordless authentication to upgrading legacy code: See how our team augmentation and outsourcing services transformed businesses.

Team Augmentation for Scaling Up an Auctioning Platform for Multi-System Integrations

  • Our client is a European auctioning leader, and they needed to enhance their team of developers to integrate new platforms into a single user-friendly system.
  • An initial one-person addition to their Kotlin development team evolved into multiple teams of 38 carefully selected individuals with cross-technology competencies to help with integration efforts.
  • We partnered with the client to propose the best solution and support all auctioning stages within the integration process.
  • Our client is happy with the results, and our partnership continues, as there are more systems to integrate.

Team Augmentation for Developing Passwordless Authentication Solutions

  • HYPR, our client specialising in passwordless authentication services, had trouble finding the right talent due to the high local demand.
  • They sought to expand their engineering team with skilled backend and mobile development experts.
  • Our team supported both cloud and on-premises installations of HYPR’s solutions.
  • By filling these competence gaps, HYPR completed the project and deployed its solution across different platforms.

A Dedicated Team Deployed for Updating Legacy Code and Libraries for a Healthcare System Overhaul

  • Momentum Healthware’s Real-Time Location System included outdated components that negatively impacted its performance.
  • They required assistance upgrading their alert and location management app, which is essential for monitoring patients through wearable sensors.
  • We deployed a dedicated team of developers and testers led by a project manager to address the complex challenges presented by outdated systems and ensure a successful transition to modern technology solutions.
  • After updating the code and overhauling the system, a more secure, scalable, and efficient system was assured.

FAQ: Your Outsourcing and Team Extension Questions Answered

Can team extensions and outsourcing lead to operational cost savings?


Absolutely. Outsourcing and team extensions can significantly reduce operational expenses related to full-time staffing, such as benefits, training, and infrastructure costs. Our flexible model allows you to scale your workforce efficiently, minimising financial liabilities during less active phases and maximising resource allocation when it counts.

How can your team extension approach increase our strategic flexibility?


Our team extensions enable rapid scalability and adaptability, allowing your organisation to quickly pivot to emerging opportunities or changing market demands without the usual delays associated with traditional hiring.

What strategies does employ to uphold the company culture with extended teams?


We carefully select partners who match your technical needs and resonate with your cultural values. We adopt the STAR interviewing strategy to ensure that extended team members fully immerse in your company ethos.

How do you protect intellectual property when integrating external teams?


Protecting what you hold dear is our top priority. We establish robust agreements that include stringent non-disclosure and intellectual property clauses. Additionally, all extended team members undergo comprehensive training on your specific data security and compliance protocols, backed by strict access controls and regular audits to maintain security.

What specific metrics do you recommend to measure the success of team extensions?


To gauge the success of team extensions, we focus on quantitative and qualitative metrics. We quantitatively track project delivery timelines, quality of output, and adherence to budgets. Qualitatively, we assess the team’s integration level and collaboration effectiveness. These insights will help refine strategies and ensure team extensions meet your strategic goals.

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Regardless of the state of your current in-house team, we can provide you with talent that will precisely match your needs. We’ll find the perfect fit, whether you need to fill skill gaps, find an entire team, or hire expert managers to lead your company to success. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s discuss the details of our team augmentation and outsourcing services.

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